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The latest car collection picture (the latest car collection picture SUV)

Text: Understand the original Fubo of Che Di

According to the data released by China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, in 2022, the production and sales of motorcycles in China reached 21,292,200 and 21,420,000, which decreased year-on-year. However, in the past year, the number of new cars launched by various brands was not small, and in 2023, there will also be heavy new cars released by many brands. Today, let's do a look-ahead inventory of popular new cars with a price below 100,000 yuan.

Spring breeze 800 nake

  • Estimated time to market: the first quarter

  • Estimated price: 60,000-70,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: KTM brand technology blessing, electronic control and car-machine interaction system upgrade.

Spring breeze 800NK official map

Chunfeng brand motorcycles are the first choice for many domestic motorcycle riders, especially Chunfeng 150NK, 250NK and 250SR launched in 2022, which have a high market popularity. Chunfeng announced at the brand launch conference in September 2022 that 10 new cars will be launched in 2023, and one of the heavy models, Chunfeng 800NK, will be officially launched in the first quarter.

Spring breeze 800NK declaration map

Chunfeng NK-C22 concept streetcar

The Spring Breeze 800NK follows the design style of part of the Spring Breeze NK-C22 concept streetcar, and the proportion of the whole vehicle is very compact. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 799ml displacement twin-cylinder engine with a model of 288MW, with a maximum power of 74kW. With reference to the price of 69,800 yuan of 800MT spring breeze with the same displacement, 800NK spring breeze is likely to pull the price to 60,000 yuan.

In the configuration part, Chunfeng 800NK is equipped with an inverted front fork, and the braking part is the front double disc plus radial four-piston calipers, and the tyre size is the front 120/70 R17 and the rear 180/55 R17, supplemented by Bosch 9.1 ABS system. In addition, the curb weight of the spring breeze 800NK is 186kg. In terms of car system, Chunfeng 800NK will also be equipped with Apple CarPlay mobile phone interconnection function. According to the official map, the car may also support voice control function.

Spring breeze 250SR

  • Estimated time to market: February

  • Estimated price: 19,000-23,000 yuan.

  • Highlights of the new car: the weight of the car is reduced by 2 kg, and the design highlights the sense of movement.

Spring breeze 250SR

Chunfeng 250SR is one of the popular models under Chunfeng Power, and its imitation is full of sports sense, which is the entry choice for many motorcycle friends. The declaration drawing of the new 250SR has been exposed before. The exterior design of the new car basically continues the family design elements of the Spring Breeze 450SR. In terms of details, the new 250SR is equipped with a fixed wing, and the rear rocker design of the double rocker version is slightly different from that of the current model. In addition, the new model is basically consistent with the current model in other respects.

In terms of power, the new Spring Breeze 250SR is still equipped with a single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 249 ml, and its maximum power is 21.5 kW. At the same time, the kerb quality of the new car has been reduced. According to the application information, the kerb quality of the single rocker and double rocker versions of the new model is 155 kg, which is 2 kg less than that of the current model.

Spring Breeze Baboon Retro Edition

  • Estimated time to market: the first quarter

  • Estimated price: RMB 9,000.

  • New car highlights: brand-new design style, adding ABS system

New baboon declaration map

New baboon ABS version model

Baboon is also a classic retro model of Chunfeng Power. Its body size is small and it is suitable for petite female users to ride. The declaration map of the new baboon has been exposed recently. From the perspective of body painting, the car will be planned into the PAPIO car series. In terms of design, the car is equipped with a big hood, a split handle and a split seat cushion, which has obvious Cafe sports style.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the retro version of the model is 7 kW, and the curb weight is 114 kg, which is basically consistent with the model of the St. At the same time, the car will also be equipped with ABS system.

Bmw G310 RR

  • Estimated time to market: March

  • Estimated price: 50,000-60,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: BMW brand influence, and the design inherits the elements of BMW S1000 RR.

Bmw G310 RR

Bmw G310 RR is one of the few models in BMW brand motorcycle product series with a price of less than 100,000 yuan. The new G310 RR was unveiled during the 2022 Chongqing Mobo Fair, and began to accept the deposit at the end of last year. The new car is expected to be listed in the spring of 2023, and the estimated price is about 50,000 yuan.

Previously, BMW motorcycles had G310 GS and G310 R and G310 RR as entry-level models of sports series in China, and its addition further enriched the brand product lineup. Judging from the real car, the front face design of G310 RR can also see the shadow of the big brother S1000 RR of the family sports series. The appearance of white+racing blue+racing red is also the family's iconic color scheme.

In terms of configuration, G310 RR is equipped with 5-inch color instrument, adjustable rear shock absorption preload, ABS of BMW motorcycle anti-lock braking system and four driving modes. Previously, G310 RR had been launched in India, with the standard version selling for about 24,000 RMB and the sports version selling for about 26,000 RMB. However, after the new car is imported into China, the price is expected to be more than 50,000 yuan.

In terms of power, the BMW G310 RR adopts a single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine with an actual displacement of 321.2 ml, a maximum power of 25 kW and a maximum torque of 27.3 Nm. The fuel tank capacity of G310 RR is 11 liters, and the kerb mass is 174 kg. In fact, the power parameters and configuration level of BMW G310 RR are not outstanding compared with other brands at the same price, but if the budget is limited and you love BMW brand, then this model is a suitable choice.

Honda cub hunting edition

  • Estimated time to market: April

  • Estimated selling price: 14,500 yuan.

  • New car highlights: strong cross-border style and great modification potential.

Honda cub hunting edition

Honda cub is a classic entry model of Honda motorcycle products, which has excellent sales performance in the global market. There have been rumors that Honda cubs are about to be introduced into the domestic market, but it has not been implemented. However, not long ago, the exposure of the new car declaration confirmed that the car will be produced by Honda Suzhou Taicang Factory in Sundiro and sold in China. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in April, and the official guide price may be around 14,500 yuan.

In terms of appearance design, the domestic Honda cubs maintain the same style as the overseas models, with simple and rough lines, and the headlight group is directly fixed with exposed lamp holders, showing a strong cross-border style. The rim is also made of cast aluminum to match the vacuum tire, just like the overseas version.

In terms of braking system, domestic Honda cubs adopt the form of front disc and rear drum, and the front wheel is equipped with ABS system to further improve the safety of daily driving. According to the pictures of overseas models, the domestic version of the cub hunting version will also be equipped with a mechanical pointer instrument, which can display simple driving information such as speed and fuel consumption, but the fly in the ointment is that the instrument cannot display the engine speed.

In terms of power, the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the domestic Honda cubs will be equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a displacement of 110 ml, with a maximum power of 5.9 kW, a vehicle speed of 85 km/h and a curb weight of 107 kg.


  • Estimated time to market: February

  • Estimated price: 40,000 yuan

  • Highlights of the new car: the weight of the car is reduced by 3 kg and equipped with a sliding clutch.

Qianjiang QJMOTOR 700

In the application information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology not long ago, Qianjiang QJMOTOR 700 also has a new model. Judging from the model code and body decal, this car should be a supplement to the previous 700 series models, and it is expected to go on sale in the first quarter.

In terms of appearance, QJMOTOR 700 has adopted a family-style design style, but the single rocker arm has been replaced by a double rocker arm, and the rear wheel tire width has changed from 180 to 160, and the configuration of its vibration isolation system and brake system has also been reduced. The car may be launched as an entry-level model of the 700 series in the future.

In terms of power, the car is still equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a displacement of 693 ml and a maximum power of 56 kW. In terms of configuration, conventional mainstream configurations such as sliding clutch, dual-channel ABS and TFT instruments will not be absent. At the same time, the weight of the whole vehicle has also been reduced by 3 kg, from 198 kg to 195 kg.

Seclon RC250

  • Estimated time to market: March

  • Estimated price: 20,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: "racing" styling design, semi-hot melt tires are standard in the original factory.

Seclon RC250 is a small-displacement imitation racing car model under Zongshen Seclon brand. Its design comes down in one continuous line with RC401. It is equipped with a style of contrasting white and orange in color matching, and the visual effect is very eye-catching. Moreover, although it is an entry-level imitation motorcycle, the car is also equipped with fixed wings to further enhance the "fighting temperament."

In terms of configuration, Sekelon RC250 is equipped with TFT full-color LCD instrument, USB charging interface, adjustable front and rear vibration isolation, sliding clutch and semi-hot melt tire of Zhengxin brand. In terms of power, Sekelon RC250 is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled engine code-named PY250SR, with a maximum power of 21.5 kW and a peak torque of 22.5 Nm.

Benda Black Flag 500

  • Estimated release time: the first quarter

  • Estimated price: 40,000-50,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: American retro cruise design, four-cylinder engine

Benda Black Flag 500

The Benda Black Flag 500 was exhibited at the Chongqing Mobo Fair in 2022. The new car is another large-scale cruise vehicle launched by Benda after tangdao. It is reported that the car is expected to go on sale in February 2023.

In terms of appearance, the lines of Black Flag 500 are thick, and most of them are decorated with arc lines, paying attention to highlighting the sense of strength, and the visual impression is quite like an American heavy machinery cruise car. In terms of power, the Black Flag 500 is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 496 ml, with a maximum power of 40 kW and a peak torque of 42 Nm. This engine is also equipped with an idle cylinder closing function. In terms of vehicle weight, the application information shows that the curb weight of the vehicle has reached 241 kg.

Benda Kinjila 400

  • Estimated release time: the first quarter

  • Estimated price: 25,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: retro design style, V-type two-cylinder engine.

New car or named Benda Kingila 400.

In the same batch as Black Flag 500, there is also a 400-displacement Bobber cruise model, which will be named Jinjila 400 in the future. The design style of the car is very similar to that of the Benda Jinjila 300. The whole car has round lines and is equipped with a round headlight group, a round rearview mirror and a split seat cushion. The braking part of the car uses a combination of front and rear single disc brakes and Benda ABS, and the suspension system is an inverted front fork and a rear double-tube vibration absorber. Tyre size is the first 150/80-16 and the last 180/65-16, and the curb weight is 198kg.

In terms of power, this Bobber cruise model is equipped with a V-type twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 448 ml, with a maximum power of 36.5 kW and a maximum speed of 150 km/h.

The most well-known model of Benda brand should be Jinjila 300, which has gained a lot of users with its retro cruise design, but at the same time its quality stability has also been criticized. I hope Benda brand can continuously introduce new models and improve the quality control of vehicles.

Polar nucleus ZH1300DQ

  • Estimated release time: February

  • Estimated price: 20,000-30,000 yuan

  • New car highlights: electric off-road capability and power exchange design

Polar nuclear powered off-road motorcycle

Electric motorcycle brand Polar Core will also launch new products in 2023. After AE8 and AE6 scooters, Polar Core brand will launch a light off-road electric motorcycle with the code name ZH1300DQ.

In terms of appearance, this off-road electric motorcycle adopts the layout of a central motor and a battery, and the battery supports replacement. According to the application information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the maximum power of the motor is 1.3 kW, but the torque information has not been announced yet. It is worth noting that the curb weight of this new car is only 70 kg, and its lighter weight makes it better qualified for off-road needs.


The above-mentioned models for everyone's inventory include cruise cars, imitation races, street cars, crossover cars and electric motorcycles, and the types are relatively rich. These cars are priced at less than 100,000 yuan and are expected to be on sale in the first half of 2023. Are there any models you are interested in? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for discussion. Finally, I wish you all a safe ride in the new year. For more new car consultation, please continue to pay attention to understand the car emperor.

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