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In short, four words sum up: reliable quality! It's been a long time since I lifted the sagitar. His suspension is soft and rigid, which not only has enough support for the car body, but also properly responds to bumps. His chassis is thick, giving people a strong sense of practicality. German cars fight for quality and win word of mouth. I am the sagitar owner and I am proud.

The front row of the ride space is comfortable, and the bulge in the middle is excluded, and the space in other places is enough. Scattered storage space is also small but large, such as front and rear door storage boxes, central armrest storage boxes, rear armrest storage boxes, glove boxes, and front seat back storage bags. The trunk space is also very large, which is suitable for families to go out and travel. It is more than one meter long, more than one meter wide and more than 60 centimeters high. Her mother's family is in the east of the city and her husband's family is in the west of the city. It's easy to put in and take out children's carts and gifts when she goes to them on holiday.

Power depends on who it is compared with, a complete victory over 1.6 liters and a fiasco over four-wheel drive. After all, it is the basic principle of the market to get what you want for a penny. Sagitar is ok as a class A car power. It takes no more than 10 seconds from 20 km to 100 km! I don't feel lack of motivation when I get to 100, and I can drive to 120-140 occasionally!

Fuel consumption is still a big expense. It takes two 20-minute trips to and from work every day, and it is also the peak period of traffic. There are many times of waiting in congestion, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is above 7.3. So every time there is an activity at the gas station, I would rather wait in line for more than 20 minutes than save that 10 yuan. Life must be carefully calculated. Every day, people not only have to eat, but also have to supply oil to their cars. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with it, and I don't need to repair the car. Otherwise, my salary of 3,000 yuan this month will really drink the northwest wind.

Comfort is awesome. My husband's company has a public bus, so I usually drive sagitar at home. Occasionally, my husband wants to go to a place not too far away, so I give him the car. Whether I'm 158 or he's 182, there's always an angle that suits us, which greatly improves the comfort. What I want to vomit here is, Volkswagen, do you dare to get the bulge in the middle of the back row down, which will affect other passengers too much.

You can't have your cake and eat it. There is always a place where sagitar is not perfect. In addition to the high-grade feeling brought by the piano paint, the interior is really ordinary and can't be ordinary anymore. I have to beautify and decorate him myself. It cost me a lot of money and time! Especially after seeing other people's handmade wool dolls, I can't extricate myself, and I have to fill in one for my sagitar. Using the time after work, it hasn't been done yet. I'm looking forward to it.

The cost performance is quite high, and it is worthy of being a public or a cow. Mine is a high match, which cost more than 180 thousand to land. In the eyes of mom's neighbors, my high-end car is a luxury car. Occasionally, I hear the praises of my aunts, and my heart is always beautiful. More than 100,000 yuan is worth buying a "luxury car"!

"sagitar, a German classic car, four-bar independent suspension, turbocharged direct injection fuel supply, good comfort of independent suspension, very solid chassis, sheet metal handle bar, and comprehensive fuel consumption is ok" This is the general attitude I got from the Internet before buying a car. "Volkswagen brand is good, you see that Jetta and Santana have been popular for many years. At the beginning, they were all boss cars, which means people must be good, otherwise they would have been eliminated by history." This is the comment I got from my relatives before I bought a car. "I've been driving this sagitar for two years, which is really good. Why don't you try it?" This is the evaluation I got from my colleagues before I bought a car. "Volkswagen brand value is high, value preservation, and second-hand cars can be sold at a higher price in the future." This is the future that my husband considered when choosing a car. After visiting the automobile city, some sales consultants can say that they just want to fool me into buying their high-profit cars. Faw-Volkswagen, on the other hand, is not. I asked him to explain and introduce the answer. Considering the brand, price and service comprehensively, I finally became a sagitar owner.

The multi-function steering wheel is very powerful

Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror

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