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What is the distance between the shock absorbing holes behind Yamaha xmax300 (Yamaha xmax300 modified shock absorber)?

How to choose the new XMax and the new fosha?

Hello, everyone, I'm a big pineapple. Yamaha China finally released the new XMAX this afternoon. Apart from a slight adjustment in appearance, a thousand words are summed up in one sentence: the thin film transistor instrument that can't be projected in China should be added.

The three pieces have not changed at all. How to choose the same new Fossa 350? Don't step on a handful, order a compliment, and listen to the objective explanation of the big pineapple.

Five reasons to choose fosha. First, the workmanship is excellent, and the screws are basically invisible. The overall texture and luxury are good. And because its domestic accessories are very cheap.

Secondly, it has a front rearview mirror with turn signal similar to a car, which can realize electric folding and can be modified. In addition to the rate of shaking off kidney calculi, it was as stable as a tram after the start.

Fourth, it is recognized that the motorcycle double pointer instrument is the best on the market. The function, display and definition are perfect except that the screen cannot be projected.

The fifth displacement is larger, with an acceleration of 8.6 seconds XMax per 100 kilometers, compared with 9.7 seconds per 100 kilometers.

XMAX is chosen for five reasons: the first modeling movement is sharp and more youthful.

The second modified parts are dazzling and mature. Thailand's curved accessories are very handsome.

Third, the handling is better, the original tire configuration is higher, the front double version is damped, and the handlebar is adjustable back and forth.

Fourth, many riders are interested in the identity of imported cars from Daimao. The whole production line is very mature and the engine quality is stable.

The fifth fuel tank is bigger and the fuel consumption is lower, often about 3 kilometers. Long-distance cruising and even a tank of oil can run 500 kilometers.

In addition, the comprehensive strength of the two cars is ceiling level, and the bucket space is excellent.

But I'm still struggling to see this. I dare to draw a quick conclusion for riders who are entangled in these two models. I don't worry about commuting in the city occasionally, I am too lazy to toss and modify, I don't want to wait for the car, and I value the texture of the car more. Choose Fossa 350, and create a model that is willing to modify. There is always a need for long-distance riding, and I prefer to run mountains. Choose XMAX300. Your city doesn't have to wait for more than half a year. Of course, if you have different opinions, you are welcome to discuss them in the comments section.

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