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The most classic mirror series (the most classic mirror series)

Since The Mirror, the first episode of Hear Her Talk, was launched, many female audiences gave director Zhao Wei a thumbs up. She is really a very intelligent woman, not only very spiritual in acting, but also a good hand in business. Recently, she launched a female monologue drama aimed at the pain points of contemporary women, and eight famous female stars talked about their injuries according to different female dilemmas. Such a series of dramas has aroused many women's resonance.

This kind of drama appeared in the British Broadcasting Corporation in the early days, that is, "She said: a moment of women's life", which also focused on the contradictions encountered by some women in society. Although the form and content are imitated, in fact, the plight of women in each region is different, and the form of drama is copyrighted by the film, so it does not involve infringement.

What is appearance anxiety?

In the chapter of Magic Mirror, which is currently online, the main focus is women's "appearance anxiety". The film clearly explains that appearance anxiety means that women feel anxious when others evaluate their appearance and dare not show their true appearance in front of others. At the beginning of the series, Qi Xi asked the mirror a question that was inconsistent with the original definition. "Mirror, mirror, who is the ugliest girl in the world?" Although it is only a word difference, replacing "good-looking" with "ugly" actually adds a layer of self-denial, that is, before a woman throws this question, she defined herself as "ugly", or she used to use the degree of "ugly" as a yardstick to measure herself and others, which is actually a kind of inferiority complex.

The picture of the protagonist looking in the mirror is very classic, which is presented in many foreign movies. Of course, this image is often used in horror movies. First of all, the mirror shows the person himself, and when he tells himself in the mirror, he has a philosophical feeling of talking to himself, which actually means that a person is talking to his own heart. The girl's face in the mirror is very delicate, but it actually contains another meaning, that is, the girl is talking to her shell, and these beautiful appearances are just her shell, not the real her, and this shell can also be understood as her battle gown for the outside world.

Why does a girl need this hypocritical shirt? That's because the outside world is too cruel for her, and she needs to disguise her true self, or understand it as arming herself to fight against this malicious harassment. Qi Xi tells everyone behind the scenes that the girl she plays is a person who is not confident in her appearance and a little unable to find herself. In fact, this problem is particularly common in today's society. In such a drift, how many girls have lost themselves, and everyone has chosen to live in those evaluations. In fact, we have largely ignored ourselves in the attitudes of others. There is a saying that "the only person who accompanies himself in life is himself, which is as long as his life, and the one who walks with him for the longest time is himself." So what other people think, why care so much? It's nothing more than a parrot, just drifting away with time.

Why is there facial anxiety?

At present, the whole environment is marketing and selling the idea that women's looks are paramount. In fact, I think the height of this drama is not enough, and it may involve some sensitive social issues, so it has not been mentioned, or it has not been clearly defined.

Think about it, now that cosmetic technology and makeup technology are more and more developed, it is really easy for people to change their appearance.

But are these women who change their looks really all for their own happiness? Or did you do it willingly and naturally, or was it helped by external forces? When we usually walk down the street, we will find many advertisements for plastic surgery hospitals on bus stops. There will be a beautiful girl in the advertisements, and then the advertising language will brainwash you. Such a girl is beautiful. In addition, in life, in various dinners, we will also find some boys commenting on the appearance of the lady present. They will say, "The new employee in a certain department is really beautiful, and that waist is so thin." Therefore, women's demands for their own beauty gradually become the standards of these external inputs.

And what are the benefits of entering these standards? If you think about it, you will find it extremely scary to think about it. In fact, if the criteria of "female beauty" are listed, it is equivalent to dividing women into three or six categories according to their different looks and figures. Have you found out? Grading? Aren't all men created equal? These people who classify women obviously don't respect this truth. In their eyes, they are first-class and women are second-class, so they can judge them without real respect.

List standards not only for classification, but also for screening. What should I choose? Choose women who are suitable for high-quality men, and choose women who are in line with men's aesthetics. Those so-called slapping faces, nine body, Greek feet, chopsticks legs, having breasts and buttocks and being thin are all constraints on women. With what standard is beauty? Must they be like Barbie dolls made in factories according to the standards? To put it another way, if women in the whole society accept such standards of appearance evaluation and make unremitting efforts to meet them, who will ultimately benefit? Yes, that's right. It's male chauvinism.

This also means that every man can get a satisfactory other half, at least in terms of appearance characteristics. The sublimation point of this film, in the end, is the common sense cognition of "confident girls are the most beautiful", which is obviously too shallow, but it must be said that this may be a kind of comfort for many girls, in fact, it does not work. From inferiority to self-confidence, it's not as easy as I thought. Since inferiority is lost in gossip, self-confidence needs to be built up in all kinds of praise, and of course, it's more important to rebuild the heart. In fact, for people with low self-esteem, it is equivalent to demolishing a house in their hearts and then rebuilding it on the original site. This process is very long.

Who are you trying to please?

The word "please" has a derogatory meaning. In Chinese in China, the definition is for the purpose of winning the favor of others, and it can also be understood as please. In the film, Qi Xi, the heroine, looks in the mirror and asks herself who she is pleasing. It means to ask what purpose women come from and who they like?

I don't think most women wear makeup and plastic surgery to please themselves. In many societies, there are cases of breast augmentation for their boyfriends, and there are also cases of plastic surgery for online celebrity. It can be seen from these actions that a woman's beauty is to please those who see her, whether it is a boyfriend who meets her every day, a high school classmate who occasionally has dinner, or a keyboard man who hides in front of the keyboard.

So in the final analysis, why can't a woman make up for herself, but for those who look at her? From another angle, if all these people who look at her in the world disappear, will she still make up and have plastic surgery?

I love you very much, but I want to run away from you

In the trailer of unit "Make a Wish", Andy tells another pain point of contemporary women-family of origin's pain. For family of origin, the industry has to mention psychologist Wu Zhihong. I have read several of his books, all of which are about the shadow of family of origin. In fact, it is very difficult to repair it after adulthood, unless you have a particularly successful intimate relationship and rebuild your trust in intimacy.

Contemporary women suffer a lot from their parents. For example, when a woman's partner has an affair, such as the Tong Liya incident, the father is the one who is the most ruthless in opposing divorce. He insists on his own opinions, and his children, as the younger generation, can't do anything about you. It is really heavy to say that love is for your own good.

In fact, in the eyes of Chinese parents, they seldom consider what their children want. What do you like? Instead, think more about what your parents think you want and need. All this comes from their subjective imagination, so many children want to escape.

It is not wrong for the public to have their own views and aesthetics on women. It is not wrong to like white and thin people with big breasts and big hips. I have no objection to these. The only objection is why women must become such people. You like yours, but you are not allowed to laugh at or comment on the fat and black ones. Everyone has their own beauty and law, which is respect.

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