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The Ultimate Solution of Classic Fox Abnormal Sound (Classic Fox Abnormal Sound)

Classic Focus 2013, the cold car always creaks at the right front of the engine room in winter, and the abnormal sound disappears after the engine temperature is normal. At first, I thought it was because the belt was tight in cold weather. This abnormal noise should be a common problem and does not affect driving safety.

Now the abnormal sound has been dealt with, which is caused by the large gap between the air-conditioning pipe fixing clip and the metal pin of the car body. When the engine is just started, the air-conditioning pipe vibrates up and down, and the clip and pin collide. There is no noise in non-winter and after a hot car, and everyone knows that it expands when it is hot and contracts when it is cold.

See the figure below for the specific location …

Break the head of the metal pin to the left with a vice, and the problem will be solved. I hope I can help my friends who have the same mount!

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