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Yg125 (yg125-21a Oil Screw)

Riding a bike in pick up hot chicks, AK, I also have a little experience. After all, riding an eye-catching new car to go out, you can't just be cool, have a happy date with the spring, and have a good time with the beautiful girl you meet. This is the fun of motorcycle life. However, if you want to pull the wind like Alaska, a good car with eye-catching shape is naturally indispensable. Recently, this silver and steel monster YG250-8, which has been riding a lot in Alaska, is a good choice.

Monster series is one of the housekeeping models under the banner of Silver Steel. Its appearance is pleasing and artistic, and it is quite "European-style", so it is naturally particularly eye-catching. The MINI monster YG125-21A is petite but full of fun. The monster YG150-23 and the electric jet monster YG200-3 are well-proportioned, which keeps the fun and is more practical. YG15000D-A, an electric monster, is a bold attempt by Yingang in the field of new energy. The big monster YG250-8 is more mature and attractive, with stronger power, and equipped with advanced national IV EFI, which is full of masculinity. In AK's view, for the riders who want to have a cool national IV electric jet streetcar for cruising the streets and pick up hot chicks, and at the same time, they are more careful, and the big monster of Silver Steel is naturally more suitable.

Episode 1:

On the way to the evaluation site with his colleagues, AK rode a big monster and ran into a red light, so he stopped and waited. At this moment, a handsome-looking big prince came from behind, just parked beside him. At this time, the one on the side got into a conversation with AK: "Friend, your car looks very handsome. Is it imported?" Have hundreds of thousands? " As soon as the voice fell, the green light lit up, so I didn't have time to explain too much, so I quickly twisted a handful of oil and skinned it: "Friend, you have a good eye ~"

In fact, the official retail price of this Silver Steel Monster 250 is 13,800 yuan. As a high-performance streetcar with outstanding value and deep pick up hot chicks skill, it is quite close to the people among similar models in China.

YG250-8, a big monster of Yingang, is remarkable in modeling, and its cool outline can easily attract the attention of the street. In terms of price, this big monster is compared; On the whole, you can't find anything wrong with knowing a car like AK. As a rather uninhibited streetcar, it has a short wheelbase, a wide body, a plump figure and a light pace. Although there are some reference elements in appearance, it is commendable that the style of the whole vehicle has been well integrated, some of its own design elements have been incorporated, and a large number of design patents have been obtained, which is more in line with the mainstream aesthetics in China.

It is not difficult to see from the details that Yingang has spent a lot of thoughts on the big monster. The headlights are introverted and full of personality; Prominent and eye-catching taillights combined with LED light guide tubes are practical and beautiful; Mesh details are added to the side of the muscular fuel tank, which are thick and thin; Full digital display instrument with great sense of science and technology, showing high-end identity; The inner side of the upturned tail is designed with a special cover to enhance the face value and further ensure durability.

In addition, the car adopts a structure in which the diamond frame and the braided tube frame are integrated, which not only enhances the sense of strength of the whole car modeling, but also gives consideration to the rigidity and lightweight of the car body, and is coupled with the mutual blessing of the inverted front shock absorber and the rear central rear shock absorber, which adds a sense of movement to the whole car.

In fact, when you ride this big monster, the seemingly massive body will not affect the comfortable driving feeling. To be more precise, it should be compact and compact. The deep concave front seat is very soft to the touch, and the body leans forward slightly when driving, but it is not radical. For the body with AK less than 1.7 meters, when the legs are relaxed, the forefoot can basically be guaranteed to touch the bottom at the same time. From this point of view, the seat height performance and driving posture of the big monster should be considered very close to the people.

Episode II:

Halfway through the shooting, I am going to change the venue. The fat brother in charge of photography plans to take the AK back seat. However, after actually getting on the bus, the fat brother was puzzled.

"There seems to be no armrest in the back seat of this car. Where should I put my hand?"

"hug me."

Along the way, AK understood the secret of the design of the Silver Steel Monster. The large gap between the front and rear seats is not only for beauty, but more importantly, it can concentrate the most beautiful touch on the back shoulder position where the knight's tactile nerve is the most acute; After removing the armrest in the back seat, the waist-hugging has become the only way to fix it, which has deliberately shortened the distance between the front and rear seats, and the fun arises spontaneously between stopping and walking. However, AK still has some complaints. Although the touch seems to be similar, it would be great if this back seat really carries a girl. !

In terms of power, this silver steel monster YG250-8 is also remarkable. The vehicle adopts an oil-cooled single-cylinder and two-valve power platform, with an actual displacement of 229mL, a maximum power of 13kW and a maximum torque of 17N·m, and a special EFI matching is carried out for the national IV emission standard to be implemented in July this year. As far as the somatosensory feeling of AK riding down recently is concerned, the power output is completely sufficient for cruising the river on weekdays, commuting instead of walking, and even taking a sister to travel.

In addition, the Silver Steel Plant seems to deliberately weaken the low torque of the engine front output. Before 2500 rpm, the power boost is relatively gentle, which is undoubtedly a strong guarantee for safety for the driving environment mainly used in urban commuting where traffic lights frequently encounter. However, once the engine speed approaches 3000 rpm, its torque will burst out unabashedly, and the constant pulling feeling will urge you to continuously improve the gear. Obviously, reliable dynamic performance is the foundation of its performance.

The car adopts a relatively standard international six-speed transmission configuration, with wide torque coverage and linear power connection. However, as far as the actual driving experience of AK is concerned, although the gear transition is accurate, it may be the reason why the new car has not been run-in, and the shifting touch is slightly stiff. However, due to the abundant engine torque, there is no need to switch gears too quickly even when riding on most roads. The relatively large gear tolerance makes the big monster very suitable for cycling in cities. In addition, in the case of 60km/h, overtaking acceleration can be easily completed in the fourth and fifth gears, and the advantages of medium and low speed and large torque of single-cylinder models are also evident.

Episode III:

A few days after the end of the test, AK really got the nerve to invite several girls and ride them around on a big monster. The trip was smooth, my sister was happy, and AK naturally followed suit.

Afterwards, out of professional habit, AK asked them what they thought of the big monster. However, their reply was consistent as expected: "It's fine, almost the same as before." Obviously, most girls in the back seat can't tell the difference between Ducati, BMW or Silver Steel Monster.

Therefore, in AK's view, whether the car is suitable for pick up hot chicks is of course important, but its influence on the knight itself is often more important. It's quite a bit like legendary equipment with the attribute of "strike up a conversation success rate +50%" in the game, which can enhance your charm, give you confidence and urge you to take the most difficult first step. In this regard, the Silver Steel Monster has indeed done it.

In fact, as far as AK's personal feelings are concerned, the handling performance of this big monster is free between commuter cars and street cars, flexible but stable. Whether walking through the streets or galloping in the city, its lower center of gravity can bring riders a stable driving experience similar to that of a "tumbler".

It is worth mentioning that the shock absorption of the car should be specially tuned for the urban riding environment. The shock absorber is neutral but very resilient. Common obstacles in urban riding, such as manhole covers and speed bumps, can gallop past on the premise of ensuring stability and comfort. The impact feedback of road undulation on on the car body and riders is very friendly, and the performance is very calm.

Facing the curve, the big monster also has the power of World War I. On the sunny and dry road surface, the stable grip of the standard Zhengxin wide road tire is the basic guarantee for the curve performance; Combined with the stability brought by the car width of 130mm and the stable power output of 12kW, AK was deeply satisfied with the curve performance.

Into the corner, press the car, out of the corner, a set of operations down flowing, no sense of astringency. Even if the oil is bent in the harsh third gear, there will be no idling out of control. If we can put aside the psychological obstacles, we can completely treat this big monster as a serious road car and play with it at will.

Write at the end:

After riding for a few days, AK is satisfied with the overall performance of this silver steel monster YG250-8.

As a new generation streetcar with great emotional appeal, it has a unique versatile temperament. Whether it is a casual suit, rough jeans or goggles and a helmet, it has a very natural tacit understanding. You can also ride it around any corner of the city, and you can speed up, bend and surpass it on a whim. When you travel with your sister, the tightness of your waist when you vigorously bomb the oil, and the fullness of your back when you gently brake, which makes the fun of control even higher.

This is YG250-8, the monster of Yingang, a travel tool that can really add interest to life. It only belongs to your back seat sister and is waiting for your invitation!

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