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Suzuki tr300 price (Suzuki t35)

Haojue finally officially announced the price of its cruise model TR300, which is exactly the same as the price exposed a few days ago. It is divided into two versions, and the suggested retail price is $26,680 for the city version and $27,980 for the travel version.

Among them, the travel version of TR300 includes the following accessories, and Haojue officially hangs the prices of these accessories. It seems that the prices of these accessories are not cheap, but there are some discounts on the new car placement price.

Haojue, who is known as the "first brother" of domestic quality control, is also unswerving in the accessories and parts used in TR300, all of which are produced by big factories, and a large part of them are from Japan.

No opponent is weak.

As Haojue TR300, there are CM300 in the top, GV300S in the bottom, gray stone and Jinjila. Each of these models is a popular model, but there is no absolute advantage for Haojue TR300 in configuration, appearance and price. However, the overall design of Haojue TR300 is biased towards mature conservatives. Personally, I think the positioning of Haojue Travel Edition is very smart. After all, none of the original models in the same class have their own side boxes, windshields and backrest. The appearance and positioning here also distinguish the consumer groups well. If this positioning can be regarded as an advantage of Haojue TR300, because the target customer group is very clear, which is why Benda will launch Graystone. So do you think consumers are satisfied with this price?

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