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Scenery Miniev Candy Old Air Conditioner Not Cold (Scenery ix5 Air Conditioner User Guide)

With the improvement of life quality and the liberalization of automobile market policies in various places, people's demand for miniature new energy pure electric vehicles that can be directly licensed without the need to shake the number continues to rise. Consumers who buy such vehicles often have other automobile products at home, mainly because they are small enough and affordable, which is just right for commuting in cities or rural areas to counties. Therefore, there are more and more products in this market in the past two years, but as far as "people's scooter" is concerned, only Hongguang Miniev macaroon.

Hongguang Mineyev macaroon has many fashion elements. In this cute and small car, the new car has added front and rear "back-shaped" lights, and it has daytime running lights to make it more recognizable when driving. The new car uses two-color three-spoke wheels, which are small and exquisite, echoing the logo of B-pillar Macaron at a distance, and the suspended roof shape adds to its fashion sense. Hongguang Miniev macaroon has a total of three color schemes, which are jointly created by Wuling and Pantone Color Research Institute, namely avocado green, white peach powder and lemon yellow. For young consumers, three exquisite color schemes are undoubtedly the points that impress consumers.

As for the interior, Hongguang MINIEV macaroon adopts a color-matching design, and the seats and the central control area are decorated with colors similar to those outside the car, which makes it more integrated. Although it is small, the functions in the interior are completely made according to the standards of the car. Hongguang MINIEV macaroon has a color LCD instrument inside, which can display many information such as the remaining cruising range, speed, reversing image and so on. The reversing image is very practical for this car, and it is very beneficial to park in a small space to see the rear situation. In addition, the vehicle also has a central control area with Bluetooth connection. The Chinese buttons are easy to understand, and you can listen to songs and broadcasts, so you won't be too lonely on the way.

Hongguang MINIEV macaroon also has heating and cooling air conditioning, which can keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, and provide shelter from the wind and rain. The new car is also equipped with main driving airbag, tire pressure monitoring and ABS to ensure driving safety. A small detail reflects the intention of building a car. Considering the convenience of using a car, Wuling added a cosmetic mirror design inside the sun visor of the main driver, so that Miss Amy can check her makeup before getting off the bus. All the above configurations are standard, which is very sincere for a car with a starting price of less than 40 thousand yuan. After all, the entry model of a Japanese brand joint venture car is not even willing to be equipped with a stereo.

Hongguang MINIEV macaroon is less than 3 meters long, but it is indeed a qualified four-seater car. According to the standard of transportation, there is enough space for four adults to travel normally in the car, and the huge door can also facilitate the passengers in the back row to get on and off. The rear seat can be turned into a 2-seater or 3-seater car at a ratio of 5/5 when not in use, so there are many combinations in the limited space, and the space utilization rate is very high. As far as couples use their cars alone, the rear space+trunk space is enough to go to the supermarket to stock up and buy food every day.

Finally, of course, in terms of power and endurance, the high-equipped Hongguang MINIEV macaroon NEDC has a battery life of 170km, and the power is provided by a motor in the rear axle, which also drives four adults without difficulty. Vehicles don't support fast charging, only the slow charging of household charging piles and the 220V three-hole power adapter are very convenient for consumers who can charge at home or park in their compound directly, and the cost of using the car is also very low. According to the standard of 0.5 yuan/kWh of household electricity, the battery capacity of high-equipped models can only be fully charged once in 7 yuan, even if it is charged every day, the cost of using the car is lower than that of taking the subway to work, which is very cost-effective.

Therefore, many keywords, such as more than 40,000 price, small size, large space, easy driving and easy use, cheap charging, cute appearance, etc., of the high-profile model form the powerful product strength of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV macaroon, and the favorable policy that pure trams can be purchased directly in many areas, so its sales volume naturally need not worry. It's just a means of transportation, and the sense of existence is not high or low. I dare ask you car owners. Before it, except for going out for a short long trip in a fuel car on holidays, it was not always commuting on weekdays. At this time, it is of course a better choice to use Hongguang MINIEV macaroon instead.

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