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Landing price of April rs660 (how much is April rs660)

2023 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition has a long name, so let's call it Beijing Motorcycle Exhibition directly in this article! There is still one week left before May 19th, 2023, and the opening ceremony is just around the corner. Here, I would like to give you a sneak peek and tell you what new cars will arrive at this year's Beijing Exhibition!


Just these two days, Yamaha officials have revealed in Guanwei that a new car will be released soon at the Beijing Motor Show.

Judging from the official invitation letter, can the yellow rendering area above be understood as a desert? Coupled with the strange lamp shape, the cowboy guessed that Taylor 700ADV was coming?

As for the blue area below, obviously, it should be a small and medium-sized scooter. According to the analysis of lines and headlights, can you guess what kind of car it will be?

Wuji woge

At the Beijing Motor Show in May, Wuji Vogel will launch the brand-new largest version of SR4.

This model has passed the market verification in the past year, and it is time to upgrade. As for the replacement of this car, what is it? We will give you a detailed report at the press conference.

In addition, in the invitation letter, Wuji also mentioned that there are three new cars to be unveiled soon. In addition to the cruise model CU525 confirmed by the factory, the cowboy speculated that the DS900, which was unveiled at the Milan exhibition earlier, would also meet with you, and the last model might be a scooter with a price close to the people!

▲ Wuji DS900

▲ Wuji CU525

PIAGGIO in piaggio

For piaggio's cognition, you may have heard more about piaggio. However, today's PIAGGIO is Piaggio, which mainly sells imported models. At this year's Beijing Motor Show, a number of imported new cars will be unveiled and listed by piaggio Group.

At present, there are at least three new car materials in the hands of cowboys. The first one is: motorcycle Guzi V100 Mandello Aviazione Navale S.E Although the name is long, it is handsome enough. This motorcycle Gucci may become an absolute synonym for tough guy. The long name is translated as [Motorcycle Gucci V100 Mandelo Naval Air Joint], with a limited number of 1,913 vehicles worldwide. If you buy it, you will earn it.

The second paragraph seems to be a joke, but it really does.

Motorcycle Gucci V7 Gucci-Palace joint limited edition

The luxury brand Gucci is integrated into motorcycles across the border, and the designers are also open-minded. This car cowboy should not be able to afford it, but although he can't afford it, he must look up to it! Beijing exhibition takes everyone to explore!

The third paragraph is April Rs660 Extrema,

As a professional track model of 660 imitation race, it's crazy to lose 3KG under the already light weight! Since last year, many players have been asking if they can buy this car. No, it's really coming this time. It is said that it can be booked after the motorcycle exhibition!

Kawasaki and excelle

In the reality of Kawasaki and Excelle, there is still a little gradient difference between brand value and model, but the reason why they are written together today is estimated to be guessed by everyone. In May, the ZX-4RR was enlarged and recruited by Kawasaki Motor Show in Beijing, and the 400RR that Excelle has been holding back for more than a year will also be listed.

▲ Kawasaki ZX-4RR

▲ Excelle 400RR

Obviously, in terms of price range, Excelle will be one order of magnitude lower. But in terms of market share seized by the two companies, what is the final result? This is really hard to say!


As early as March this year, Hanwei Locomotive announced its new car listing plan. In this May's Beijing Motor Show, a small-displacement retro car will climb on the line to get rid of complexity and simplicity. Facing the domestic supply market, although the displacement of new cars continues to rise this year, the small displacement market still occupies the mainstream of consumption. Will the new car strategy release of Hanwei attract everyone's attention?

If ..... everyone is not interested in small-displacement cars, here's another news for everyone. Besides small-displacement retro cars, Hanwei has major models to release, but based on confidentiality regulations, it can only be introduced here! Please be considerate.


Let me reveal a small part first. What other brands of new cars do you want to see at the Beijing Exhibition? Let me know in the comment area!

For more information about the Beijing Exhibition, you can continue to pay attention to our live report.

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