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Accord 2022 quotation and photo auto show (Accord 2022 quotation and new photo)

Text: Understand the original Gao Shuaipeng of Che Di

A few days ago, Guangqi Honda Accord 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition arrived at the store. This car is positioned as an entry-level version in the 2022 Accord family, and the official guide price is 169,800 yuan. As the "minimum version" of the medium-sized car of the joint venture brand, the pricing of the Accord 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition is similar to that of some joint venture brands, such as the FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar 280TSI Premium Edition plus or 300TSI Premium Edition with an official guide price of 172,900 yuan. So how do you choose between the entry-level version of the joint venture mid-size car and the compact version of the joint venture roof?

2022 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition

Not equipped with front fog lights

Not equipped with skylight

From the appearance, the Accord 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition with the lowest positioning is basically the same as the other models of the Accord series. However, in terms of details, since this car is the only one among all the Accord models without front fog lights, LED headlights and skylights, it can be distinguished from the above details that it is an entry-level Accord.

The seat is wrapped in fabric in the car.

From the perspective of equipment, Accord 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition cancels the seven-inch central control panel and dual-zone automatic air conditioning. At the same time, compared with the Accord 260 Tubo Comfort Edition with the second-lowest positioning, the Accord 260 Tubo Comfort Edition has reduced the imitation leather wrapped seats, front/rear handrails, cup holders, automatic headlights, electric adjustment/heating of exterior rear view, etc. The price difference between the two models is 10,000 yuan.

In terms of power, the Accord 260 Tubo Shuxiang Edition is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 143kW and a peak torque of 260 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a continuously variable transmission stepless gearbox. In addition, the Accord series can also provide a 2.0-liter hybrid version of the car, and the transmission system matches the electric continuously variable transmission continuously variable gearbox.

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