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How is it convenient for high-speed ladies to ride (women ride on high-speed bikes)

Today's hero is called Ahao for the time being. Ahao's hometown is in Datong, Shanxi Province. As we all know, Datong, Shanxi Province is a place rich in coal, which needs to be transported to all parts of the country. Therefore, drivers at that time were particularly popular in the early 1990 s, and those who had the ability bought their own cars. Many people made a fortune by transporting coal. Because of their average academic performance, Ahao learned to drive with his cousin after graduating from junior high school, and once Ahao slept soundly. Suddenly awakened by a knock at the door, I opened the door. It turned out that my cousin informed me that it was time to go to work. Ah Hao got dressed in a daze and went out with my cousin. It was usually two people who would drive. Because of the long-distance trip, two people were needed to drive in turn to avoid being too tired and having an accident. The first day was peaceful all day, but a strange thing happened the next night. It was about one o'clock in the middle of the night, because Ah Hao picked up my cousin. As usual, Ah Hao drove the car and saw a woman riding a bicycle in red in the rearview mirror. At first, Ah Hao didn't care, thinking how someone was riding a bicycle on the highway at night, and then shifted gears and stepped on the gas pedal to speed up the driving. It is strange that no matter how fast Ah Hao was, the woman riding a bicycle behind him always followed their car. Ah Hao began to panic, thinking that he must have met something unclean, and Ah Hao quickly woke up his cousin who was sleeping in the back berth.Then the window was opened and the money was thrown out. It didn't take long for the woman riding a bicycle to disappear. Ah Hao asked his cousin inexplicably, why did you throw money? Cousin yawned and said, always prepare some money to send the kids on the road. Drivers who stay up all night should pay special attention to these. After that, Cousin couldn't sleep, and told Xiaohao some strange stories about the drivers who stayed up all the way. ...

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