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Lamborghini sjv price (how much is Lamborghini svjxago)

At present, Lamborghini Revuelto, as a brand-new flagship in the family, has been officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. With excellent design, strong power performance and excellent body control, Lamborghini's first-class technology and excellent car-making ability have been shown to the world. As a result, overseas media render the stronger version of SVJ comments, presenting a real "Lamborghini dream" for readers.

As the top model of Lamborghini, SVJ comments are impeccable in design. Its design combines Lamborghini's consistent lines of fortitude, toughness and tension with the design concept of future trends. Whether it is the sharp headlights in front of the car, the calm grille in front of the car, or the streamlined lines and complex polygonal curves on the side of the car, they all reflect the extraordinary aesthetic feeling of SVJ comments.

At the same time, the body material reviewed by SVJ is also Lamborghini's consistent Excellence. It adopts lightweight materials and achieves perfect proportion and balance through careful design and manufacturing technology. The aerodynamic design of the top of the car body further improves the stability and handling performance of the vehicle. In a word, SVJ comments show Lamborghini's quality and exquisite craftsmanship in terms of design, and leap into the ranks of the world's top super sports cars.

As a top super sports car, the dynamic performance of Lamborghini Revuelto is also one of its biggest highlights. It uses a 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine+three motor sets, and the maximum power can reach 1015 horsepower. Such a powerful power output capability makes the acceleration time from 0 to 100 kilometers commented by SVJ only take 2.5 seconds. As a stronger version, SVJ will become more powerful.

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