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How much oil does Apulia srmax250 add (how many liters of oil does Apulia srmax250 add)?

In view of the terrible reading of the last article, I learned from this painful experience, repented and continued to hit the south wall.

Today, I will continue to share with you the bikes I rode and see if there are any dishes you like.

The fifth to sixth cars: Mount Everest scooter & The Eagle King 350.

There's nothing to say about the scooter, just a standard scooter model of little brother who is now taking food outside. At that time, as for why I sold 400 nanograms of Spring Breeze and bought a scooter, it was mainly because I had to buy four wheels at that time, and then the money was worse, so I only sold 400 nanograms and made up the money; Then I bought a four-wheeled one. At that time, the distance to work was only about 5 kilometers every day. Driving was really troublesome, so I spent 2000 yuan to buy a second-hand quasi-new pedal.

And the sixth car, the earth eagle king 350, was also replaced by a small pedal.

The replacement of the earth eagle king 350 at that time.

The cost of replacement was the scooter, and then 500 yuan was added in cash. At that time, there was actually a set of three boxes, but the degree of aging was quite high. It felt like it was going to break when riding, so I took down the three boxes and sold them to a fish. In fact, this cruise style is much better than before.

This is the state when I picked up the car and came back.

In fact, the design of the car of the Great Eagle King at that time was quite good, and it was able to grasp the mentality of the Chinese people. First of all, it was long and had the feeling of American cruising. However, this engine technology was really too old, and the quality control was not very good. The last Great Eagle King experienced cooling water seepage in the water tank and oil leakage in the oil seal, not to mention this 350. At that time, its owner was an old master, and he didn't cherish it at ordinary times.
Secondly, the clutch plate may also be excessively worn, and it is often easy to slip, and the sense of frustration in shifting gears is also obvious. At that time, I went to consult the master in the store and said that if I changed this clutch plate, it would cost almost 500 yuan, so I just ignored it as I was just collecting it for fun.
Another point is that friends who have seen this car must know that the most incongruous point of this car is that the cavity of the engine is really too big.

Look at this empty engine.

If you are a rider who likes chopper style, you may feel quite good, but apart from starting this one, the rest of the car feels like an American cruise, which is quite embarrassing.
After playing for almost three months, I hung up a fish again, dropped it, and started mine.
The seventh car: Spring Breeze 650nk

In fact, there was also a Spring Breeze 400nk in the middle. At that time, the car had not yet been sold. Originally, it was planned to make a little money by hand, but a friend behind saw it and found it, so he gave it directly at the original price, which was equivalent to playing for a few days. I won't go into details here, so I'd better go back to this 650nk.

The color is coquettish red

Pat before leaving the garage

Why is this car singled out? It's also because I still have it, but I actually made a move once in the middle, and I brought it back by chance only last year, probably because I really like it.

The car was refitted with a film pasted from a car refitting shop, which was designed on the spot at that time, so there was no finished template to use, and then the 180-ambassador wheel hub was modified, and the exhaust was replaced by the straight exhaust of Ehir. In fact, the best effect of this exhaust is to solve the problem of the sound of the two-cylinder asynchronous engine. Once the speed exceeds 4,000, it will feel like it, and then the oil will be shot. When walking in the street, there is basically no need to honk the horn.

Moreover, the version of the third country is really dynamic, and the feeling is in line with the feeling of 650cc; 400nk, the version I ride in the third and fourth countries, always has a kind of feeling, which is not as good as expected. The driving range must be pulled up to 6k to get the feeling of a medium-displacement car, which may have something to do with the weight of the car. After all, the weight of the car with 400nk is really not much different from that of the car with 650. Therefore, if there are still riders who like the Spring Breeze nk series, it is recommended to get on 650, and the feeling will definitely be higher than that of 4000.
As for other spring breezes, the low-grade frustration, the first gear in neutral and the sound of "duang" are unavoidable, but if there is a problem, except that the water pump changed the sealing ring once in the middle and the clutch line was changed at 1.5W km, the others have never appeared again, so this car is still worry-free;

And why did I sell this car, mainly because of the 20-year epidemic, because I couldn't start work at that time, and the problem of capital turnover, so I went out. To be honest, when I was riding away, the sense of loss was really strong, which may also be a foreshadowing for the follow-up to take him back.

I have written some detailed comparisons between the 400nk and 650nk of Spring Breeze in another article, and I will post that article later. Interested riders can visit my homepage at that time, so I won't go into details here.

Cars 8 ~ 9: Apulia Hurricane 150& Apulia srmax250

Hurricane 150, this car, may not be touched by many riders, because its cost performance is really not very high.

The photo looks quite new, but in fact, it was very poor when it was taken back.

The appearance of this car is different, it looks like a mantis, and then there is a flat pedal, which can put something a little, but this car has no front object box, which is different from other pedals, and then the toilet space of this car is not big, so it can only put some small things with you; The most wonderful thing is that this car has no temple, only a tripod, and the temple in the picture is added later, because it is really inconvenient to hit the tripod every time; Different from ordinary pedals, most pedals have a strong low twist when they start at a standstill, but this car is the other way around. The low twist is very general, so I feel that the speed is up, but the car still doesn't move. This may be because when the car was designed, it went in a different direction. Even if it is a small pedal, the concept of "Be a racer" from April should be reflected, so the car actually went to the mountain. Actually, it's a really nice car, with a high center of gravity, and it will dump quickly. Before there are any existing drg150 and Peugeot sf4, the sports performance is really very good.

It's a pity that the price of this car is really a bit high, 17,980 yuan. Although the new engine has been changed, there are no other outstanding configurations. It may be that iron powder will be willing to pay the bill. If you want to buy it, I suggest that you can look at it second-hand, which will be cost-effective.

And after replacing this car, I started with his second brother, srmax250.

April srmax250, the same place as the hurricane.

The eldest brother of this car, the srmax300, actually came out very early abroad. After Zongshen introduced it, some configuration upgrades were made, but the price of the srmax300 was also on the high side. At that time, it seemed that it had to land for 4 weeks, so I didn't see it very much on the road. After replacing the engine, the re-launched srmax250, the price of which dropped to 3W, obviously attracted the interest of many people, including me;

The first thing that attracts me about this car is its appearance, which is really beautiful. The whole sense of movement is very good, and its athletic performance is also very good. Basically, if you ride him to bend, it is the feeling of a car, and the support of shock absorption is particularly sufficient, or it is too sufficient.

When walking on some concrete roads, as long as it is not paved smoothly, this vibration will be transmitted to you, especially to the back seat. I remember that on the first day when I bought it, my daughter-in-law said that she was uncomfortable when she sat down, and the back cushion of this car was the same design as that of the car, which required some effort to climb up, and it was not very friendly to the fender that was not too tall.
For a rider, the front cushion will make your ass slide forward, which is also a bad feeling, and it needs your legs to use some strength to stabilize;
Furthermore, the workmanship of this car is really rough. Later, a friend went to buy an x7, and I went to have a look. It's true that the two cars are almost the same, with burrs and cracks. You can see it if you look closely.
At present, there are many choices of large pedals, but the value of this car still hits me very hard, but these problems, such as the declining cost performance and the engine stalling, will be a good choice if I still choose this car now, I think it is a cyclist who rides alone and likes sports style. If you want to take people out to play, then look at x7 or Seclon rt3, which will definitely be better than this.

It's almost time to fish again, and I won't know how much the platform will push me at the end of this article. If I happen to see friends here, please help me like the comments and support it.

I'm Wen Qi with no traffic, so I'll talk next time.

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