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Mazda VI 2023 (how much is Mazda VI 2023)

Mazda, as one of the important representatives of Japanese automobile brands, can be said to be a household name in our domestic market. Among them, mazda 6, a best-selling B-class car in the family, won the favor and pursuit of many Chinese people in an instant by virtue of its excellent styling design and relatively good handling performance in the early years, and also won the title of "Little Prince of Curves", but later, due to various reasons, it seems to have lost its former status. A few days ago, Mazda officially released the 2023 mazda 6 20th Anniversary Edition. In order to meet the car purchase needs of different consumers, the new car will provide sedan version and travel version. What surprises will it bring us? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Mazda 6 20th Anniversary Edition, the new car is based on the third generation mazda 6. Unfortunately, the car is currently only sold in Japanese and Australian markets. In terms of price, the guide price of mazda 6 20th Anniversary Edition predecessor model is 4.422 million yen, and the guide price of four-wheel drive model is 4.6629 million yen. In terms of styling design, the 20th anniversary edition of mazda 6 still adopts the family-style design language. The large air intake grille on the front face is decorated with chrome-plated elements, which gives people a sense of class. The raised lines on the hood and the sharp eagle-eye headlights on both sides give people a visual feeling that they are ready to fight at any time. In order to show their unique identity, the new car has added exclusive commemorative badges in some body details, chrome-plated decorative strips around the window, and bright silver below.

It is worth mentioning that the new car will also provide red and rhodium-white metal car paints. As for the interior design, compared with the ordinary version, the new car has been adjusted and optimized to a certain extent in details, no matter in terms of workmanship or materials, it looks solid, and the layout of the central control area is clear and regular, plus the coverage of a large number of suede materials, which enhances the sense of class. The floating LCD screen will integrate many functions. It adds a touch of science and technology. In addition, the headrest area of the front seat is also equipped with exclusive 20th anniversary stamps to show its distinguished status. The overall interior atmosphere gives people a comfortable and luxurious feeling.

In terms of power, the 20th anniversary edition of mazda 6 is equipped with a 2.2T SkyActiv-D diesel engine in the Japanese market. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, in which the maximum power of the engine can reach 147kW and the maximum torque is 450Nm. In addition, the 20th anniversary edition of mazda 6 is equipped with a 2.5T Skyactiv-G gasoline engine in the Australian market. Matching it is a 6-speed automatic gearbox, with the maximum power of the engine reaching 173 kW and the maximum torque of 420 Nm. It is worth mentioning that both the Japanese market and the Australian market offer the front-drive version and the four-wheel drive version. At present, our domestic cash Artz offers the 2.0L engine and the 2.5L engine, and the guide price is 175,800-239,800 yuan. What do you think about the 20th anniversary edition of mazda 6? Welcome to communicate and discuss together below.

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