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How about Benagli 150 bent beam car (Benagli 150 underbone evaluation)

Jialing recently held a coconut tree brand launch conference in Guiyang, and launched four new cars, including Sports underbone SVR180. There are two versions of SVR 180, and the price of fashion version is 12,680 yuan; Exclusive edition price: 13,680 yuan.

The appearance design of SVR180 is more aggressive than the conventional underbone design. The positioning is similar to RFS 150i of Qianjiang Benagli. The color matching of the print is a little "overexert" and seems to be too jumping. From the picture, we can see that the front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes and anti-lock braking system.

Unlike underbone, which is oriented to commuting, SVR180 does not use centrifugal clutch, and the clutch horn can be seen on the left hand side.

There is a "Kawasaki" flavor in the shape of the headlights. Turn signals are arranged at the edge positions on both sides of the side guard.

Behind the side guard, there is a diversion port near the driver's knee, which is somewhat flamboyant in shape.

The seat height is 700 mm, and the integrated seat cushion is adopted. The shape of the seat cushion is relatively thick, and the same color stitching is adopted. The fuel tank is located under the seat cushion.

The exclusive version uses a 5-inch LCD instrument, which has the functions of mobile phone screen projection and tire pressure monitoring in addition to regular function feedback.

It is still relatively upright on the riding triangle, which is not in line with the movement orientation.

SVR180 has a curb weight of 120kg, is equipped with a 175ml water-cooled single cylinder engine, and has a power reserve with a maximum power of 13kw and a maximum torque of 15.5nm..

Jialing pony 150F with yellow fuel tank, is the shape a bit familiar?

At this conference, I also saw a Cocoa Cross 125X, which imitates Honda CT 125 hunter cubs.

COCO125 version, the main body is simply a high imitation Honda cub. This "puffy cub" on the right side has the meaning of "just playing" in power selection. The layout strategy direction of positioning niche entertainment vehicles is clear. I hope Jialing can get rid of the dilemma of low displacement and appearance plagiarism of power platform and provide more meaningful vehicles for riders.

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