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Chang 'an 75c quotation and pictures (Chang 'an 75csplus quotation and pictures 2021)

Just one year after the launch of the second generation CS75PLUS, the third generation Changan CS75PLUS was announced. Although this third generation looks more like the mid-term change of the second generation model in my eyes, let's stick to the official third generation. The price is 12.49-149,900 yuan, and it is equipped with 1.5T/2.0T If you book a car before May 31st, you can also enjoy the emergency service telephone deposit deduction of 999 yuan.

The third generation CS75PLUS adopts a borderless design similar to that of Chang 'an University family. Considering that Yida, which was listed before, also adopted this design technique, it is believed that this borderless design will no longer be the exclusive design of the university family in the future, and it is only a matter of time before it is rolled out to Chang 'an's models in the future.

Third generation CS75PLUS

Second generation CS75PLUS

In terms of design, the shape of the second generation CS75PLUS is more inclined to the fighting style, while the third generation models are inclined to the sense of science fiction. This design change actually reflects the current development situation of China automobile market: the rapid development of new energy vehicles has affected the design idea of fuel vehicles in terms of shape design, and the mighty atmospheric design that China consumers liked in the past is being reshaped by science fiction design elements.

So, do you think the design of the third generation Changan CS75PLUS looks good?

In the rear and interior parts, there is not much change compared with the second-generation models. The interior still maintains the original excellent texture, and the delicate materials can be regarded as one of the benchmarks of the same level. As for the configuration, don't worry at all. The third-generation CS75PLUS focuses on the concept of "tomorrow's intelligence" in the official publicity, and all kinds of intelligent functions are all-encompassing. Basically, some intelligent technology configurations on the market are packaged into super-large cups and handed over to users.

The power part has been upgraded. This time, whether it is the 1.5T or 2.0T model, it is matched with Aisin 8AT gearbox, Changan Blue Whale engine and Aisin gearbox. This combination can be said to be a very reliable power system in the current market, especially the 1.5T model has also upgraded Aisin 8AT gearbox, which should be favored by most consumers. As for the specific parameters, the maximum horsepower of the 1.5T model is 188 horsepower and the peak torque is 300 Nm. The 2.0T model has a maximum horsepower of 233 horsepower and a peak torque of 390 Nm. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height are 4700/1865/1710mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm.

Although it is the second generation or the third generation, it can be considered, but regardless of this name, this third-generation CS75PLUS is indeed an excellent product. Changan CS75 series has been sold all the way since it was listed in 2014, and will usher in a sales milestone of 2 million vehicles this year. As a top player in the China fuel sports utility vehicle market, it can definitely leave a figure in the automobile hall of fame. It is a product that you can always trust. It's just that, of course, with the further impact of new energy products on the market, the future of CS75PLUS will not be smooth sailing, and the launch of the future plug-in version of CS75PLUS IDD (=InternationalDirectDial) will be even more crucial.

Chang 'an Third Generation CS75 PLUS IDD (=InternationalDirectDial)

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