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Dodge car quotes and pictures (Dodge car quotes and picture suv)

With the diversification of people's car demand, pickup truck models are also loved by more and more people. A few days ago, Dodge said that its Ram 1500 TRX model will officially join the domestic war in the form of parallel imports, which has aroused many concerns. However, the price of the car may exceed 1 million yuan, which will discourage many potential consumers.

In terms of design, Dodge RAM was previously dubbed "Tyrannosaurus Rex" by Chinese people. It looks fierce and focuses on hard-core wild style. The front part of the large irregular mesh is very eye-catching, and the periphery is outlined with thick black ornaments, plus the internal blackened mesh structure, which is aggressive. The middle "RAM" letter is also blackened, so the recognition is improved. The headlights on both sides are tough, and the embedded light source is dot matrix layout, so there is no need to worry about the irradiation effect after opening. The front bumper is very generous and layered, which can play a good protective role. It also adds three light sources in the middle part of the hood, which cooperates with the air inlet structure and is very windy when driving in the street.

Coming to the side, the large black wheel eyebrows at the front and rear of Dodge RAM are very eye-catching, and the excellent height from the ground shows that it also has good traffic capacity in a variety of complex road conditions. The size of multi-spoke wheel hub is very prominent, and the surface of off-road special tire is densely covered with gullies, which has excellent grip. The exterior rearview mirror extends outward for a certain distance, so that the observation field is wider and it is convenient for drivers to master the road conditions at the rear. On the tail side, the interior of the Dodge RAM vertical taillight group is a "C" light source, and the rear bumper area is also a black structure.

Walking into the car, the interior configuration of Dodge RAM is slightly crude compared with many pure electric vehicles. It still retains the mechanical pointer instrument panel, but it is more suitable for its hard-core pickup positioning. The large embedded central control screen has good definition and rich built-in functions, but a large number of traditional physical buttons and knobs are reserved around it, which is convenient for drivers to realize "blind operation" while driving, but the scientific and technological atmosphere is greatly reduced. The multi-function steering wheel is a bright spot. Not only the layout of the function buttons above is compact, but also carbon fiber decorative materials are added. The visual beauty and control feel are worthy of recognition.

In terms of power, Dodge RAM is equipped with a 6.2L supercharged engine, which can achieve a maximum power of 523 kW and a peak torque of 880 Nm. The engine is also applied to Hellcat, and its strong and abundant performance output is loved by many consumers. Its transmission is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, and the gear shift is smooth. Of course, the four-wheel drive system is not absent, helping the car to have a reliable ability to get out of trouble. It is worth mentioning that the car only takes 4.6 seconds to accelerate for 100 kilometers, and its top speed can reach 190km/h, so it can be regarded as a "performance beast". In order to improve driving comfort, it not only covers the seat with leather material, but also is equipped with the exclusive suspension system of TRX model.


Dodge RAM has shown strong competitiveness in many aspects, helping it seize more living space in the field of luxury pickup trucks. Its rough appearance will be favored by consumers, and its strong power is a big advantage. However, the price of the car is too expensive, the fuel economy is not very friendly, and the follow-up maintenance costs, its audience is still relatively limited, it is difficult to obtain very eye-catching sales data.

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