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Mazda 5 Auto (mazda 5 Auto Quotes and Pictures)

Hello, everyone, the old driver of the car inspector meets you again. I'm Conan from the used car industry! It is Ben Conan's duty to help consumers avoid the risk of car use and let black-hearted car dealers have nothing to hide. Welcome to the interesting story of second-hand car inspection. The inspection case brought to you today is an imported car from mazda 5.

Mazda 5 is a compact MPV with low fuel consumption and good comfort. It is a good vehicle for families with two children. Today, our client's eldest brother has two children. He runs a repair shop himself, and now he drives a BMW 3 Series. However, after having a second child, the seats and space of the 3 Series are obviously not enough, especially when going back to his hometown. The children have too many things. So he plans to buy another car with children, and keep the 3 Series for daily use, so he decides to buy a second-hand MPV which is economical, practical and cheap.

It seems that a circle finally took a fancy to this 2011 mazda 5. As an unpopular MPV, although the overall product strength of mazda 5 is good, it doesn't sell well, so the used car is relatively cheap. However, although the customer's eldest brother runs a repair shop, he felt that it was better for professionals to do professional things in the second-hand car inspection, so he entrusted us to pick up the car with him. By the way, he also wants to have a look at the difference between professional used car inspectors and their mechanic. I'm under a lot of pressure, but we're also worthwhile. After all, we eat this bowl of rice and are not afraid of being tested by customers. Let's take a look at today's protagonist.

Vehicle type: 2.0L automatic comfort imported from mazda 5.

Date of manufacture: June 2011

Apparent mileage: 93,000 kilometers

Guide price of new car: 175,000.

Seller's quotation: 36,000

Sure enough, it's a Japanese car. Even an unpopular car has a high rate of preservation. This year's Buick GL8 can sell for 30,000 yuan. However, the customer's eldest brother said that he didn't dare to buy this year's GL8, and he still used Japanese cars to worry. That's right, you can't just look at the price when buying a used car, but also look at the subsequent car.

Let's start with the exterior panels. After testing, it is found that the car has been painted except for the two doors on the left, and the other panels have been repaired with different degrees of paint and sheet metal. Eldest brother also said that he doesn't care about the appearance, so it's good to buy it back and repaint it in his own garage. After all, there are always some bumps and bumps in driving, as long as there are no big problems. Let's take a look at the situation inside the cabin.

When you open the engine room, you can see that this car is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum horsepower of 144 and a maximum torque of 180N·m, which matches the 5AT gearbox. The power is really weak, but the quality is reliable and the fuel economy is good. At present, the cabin is still original at first glance. Let's take a look at the details immediately.

There is no disassembly trace of the front anti-collision beam screw, no cracking and deformation of the shock absorber seat, and no deformation and cracking of the anti-collision beam, so it can be ruled out that there is a big collision in front.

From the above, the engine is in good condition, except that the solenoid valve on the valve cover is slightly leaking and the engine ratchet foot is repaired and replaced normally, nothing else is wrong. However, the start-up test found that the cold start was a bit difficult, and it was not possible to hit it twice at a time. It may be that the ignition of the oil pump was delayed, and the spark plug and ignition coil would all affect it, which was a piece of cake for the customer.

Then, it was checked that the battery had been replaced. At present, it can continue to be used without replacement, and antifreeze and brake oil can still be used. It seems that the original owner is well maintained, so just change the oil after starting from the back. Let's check the interior.

Sitting in the car, you can see that the configuration of this Japanese car 12 years ago is relatively high. At that time, the central control large screen and multi-function steering wheel were only available in high-end cars, and the color of the interior is not bad at present. There is not much wear and tear, and the freshness is also good. Sure enough, he works in a repair shop. He has a good eye for choosing a car.

When you open the door, you can clearly see that the seat has a back cover.

The seat back cover must have been disassembled, the lower part of the seat is rusted, and the steering gear is rusted.

Then I opened the left carpet and found that there were mildew spots and water marks on the interlayer. Boy, it's not a blister car, is it?

So I immediately went to the right side to check that the carpet harness and interlayer here were clean, and I also saw it with an endoscope. No water marks and sediment were found, which could not meet the national standards for blister vehicles and could be suspected of blisters. I suspect that it may be that the skylight leaks or the window is left open, resulting in unilateral water inflow, or that the car mat is put in after washing, which leads to water marks and mildew spots. Generally speaking, the problem is not big.

Check the function of the electrical appliances in the car and find that there is nothing wrong. Of course, the function of this car is not much.

Next, lift the car. From the bottom, we can see that the screw at the joint of the engine gearbox has not been disassembled. Combined with the situation seen from the top, we can discharge the engine gearbox for disassembly and maintenance, but from the bottom, we find that the booster oil is leaking and needs maintenance, otherwise the driving direction will become very heavy, which will affect safe driving.

The suspension parts of the whole vehicle, the front and rear longitudinal beams and the front and rear wing beams are all fine. The tires were replaced in 2022, and the brake pads and brake discs are all fine, so the inspection is over here.

The customer's eldest brother has been running a repair shop for more than 10 years, and he has been watching it all the time during the inspection, so he has basically understood the condition of the car at this time, and he is quite satisfied on the whole. Then here's the bargaining session. I'm in a special position to participate. I said goodbye to my eldest brother and left first.

Afterwards, I searched the Internet, and found that there were few cars in mazda 5 with the same model, but the quotation was really high, and most of them cost 50,000 yuan, which was really exaggerated. However, today, this car only costs more than 30,000 yuan, and the mileage is not large. The overall condition of the car is not bad, and I personally think it is worth it. I have to say that the garage owner is quite good at finding a car, don't you think?

Ok, today's test case sharing is over here, thank you for reading!

Like it, like it or not, spray it. Conan, my culture is limited. Please criticize and correct my mistakes. Besides, if you have any questions about used cars, you can ask me, and I will try my best to help you answer them. See you next time.

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