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Yamaha xmax400 (Yamaha xmax400 evaluation)

This year, Honda concentrated its efforts on medium-displacement vehicles. First, the imitation CBR400R, followed by climbing CL500/CL300 to make a global appearance. Today, the domestic version of the scooter NSS350, which everyone has been paying attention to for a long time, also comes at a price of 4.98W Is this price the same as you guessed before?

For riders who just arrived in into the pit, the name NSS may not be familiar, but its other name, Forza Fossa, is well-known all over the world. It has been replaced four times so far, with a displacement ranging from 125ml to 750ml. Since the first generation, it has attracted the attention of riders with its fashionable shape design, superior configuration, taking into account the adjustment of sports performance and excellent workmanship.

Domestic version NSS350

Imported version NSS350

The domestic version of NSS350 is basically the same as the imported version in appearance, but the difference is that the front lamp part has been redesigned. The design of split headlights is adopted, which is a bit like the front face of NSS750. But some riders prefer the imported version of the headlight design. Which one do you prefer?

The domestic version of NSS350 is also equipped with a 330℃ single-cylinder water-cooled eSP+ engine. This power system has excellent fuel economy, which can achieve a fuel consumption of 3.2 liters per 100 kilometers. With an 11.7-liter fuel tank, it is not a problem to run 300 kilometers. At the same time, the maximum torque of 31.8 Nm at 5250 rpm makes its acceleration performance outstanding with the maximum power of 21.6 kW /7500 rpm, which ensures the high-speed cruise performance.

The front and rear single disc brakes are used, the front brake is equipped with Nissin one-way double piston calipers, and the rear brake is one-way single piston. This braking system should be adequate for its curb weight of 185kg and power level of 300. And the kerb quality of the domestic version is 1 kg lighter than that of the imported version.

Standard idle start and stop, keyless start, electric stepless adjustable windshield, dual-channel anti-lock braking device and optional traction control system. Let's make it clear here that this "optional" means adjusting the traction mode, not later matching. These configurations are completely sufficient to meet the daily needs of motorcycle friends. As mentioned earlier, it has a battery life of at least 300 kilometers, so long-distance motorcycle travel can also be competent.

Although NSS350 is positioned by a sports pedal, it can still be installed easily. There is a 48L under-seat space which can accommodate two full helmets. But whether this is true or not, we have to wait until we get the test drive for everyone to measure.

NSS350 instrument adopts the combination of pointer and LCD screen, which is very to my taste. The display data is clear and intuitive, and there are some mechanical textures. Moreover, the LCD display area of the middle part of the domestic version of NSS350 instrument is larger.

Honda NSS350 has many advantages, but there are also some unaccustomed places. Among them, the button of the left handle bears the brunt. The position of the original headlight is the traction control switch, and the position of the horn and the turn signal is opposite, which needs to be adapted later.

The face value of NSS350 is not high, but from the back, the face value of these two rear shock absorbers is a little less for NSS350. As for the shock absorption performance of the domestic version of NSS350, we have to wait until we get the test drive and then give you a detailed evaluation.

Its stepless adjustable windshield with a stroke of 180mm is a plus item, but for knights who are over 180 in height, rising to the highest can only protect the chest wind resistance, and the head can't be well taken care of. This is also the reason why many riders choose to modify the windshield later.

The height of the whole car seat is 780mm, but because of the wide and thick cushion, the knight with a height of 170 can only land on his forefoot. If you have a pair of proud long legs, that's another matter.

XMAX 300 price: 4.98W

At present, Yamaha's XMAX300 can wrestle with NSS350. Compared with XMAX300, NSS350 has the advantages of displacement and better power, but the price is a little expensive. But now that the domestic NSS350 has come, the price of 4.98W is already the same as that of XMAX300, so who will you choose now?

Looking at domestic brands, there are also many competitors, such as the 350 series of Shangshi, which has won the trust of many riders with its excellent cost performance and good driving experience. Although NSS350 is not as good as many domestic models in terms of cost performance, Honda motorcycles have always had a good reputation for quality and workmanship for many years, and also have natural advantages in brand value.

With the increasing popularity of motorcycle culture in China, domestic enterprises began to exert their efforts and launched many models with excellent cost performance, and the competition escalated year by year. In the past, imported models became more and more difficult. Therefore, the phenomenon of localization of imported brands began to increase, and the cost reduction naturally improved in terms of competitiveness. More and more imported models are localized, which is a challenge and incentive for domestic car companies. Only by making cars more attentively can we continue to survive in the fierce competition. For motorcycle friends, the author thinks it is a good thing, and the fierce competition will inevitably lead to the birth of more optional models.

Do you think the pricing of domestic NSS350 is effective?

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