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Fit hatchback (Fit hatchback)

After four generations of evolution, Fit has sold more than 8 million vehicles worldwide, including 1.3 million fans in China market. Such a deep market accumulation and high-quality reputation make Fit a star model with high attention. Fit is not only a car, but also a partner for young people to express their individuality, stimulate creativity and wantonly spread their youth, and continue to lead the trend of hatchbacks!

Hard core strength is trustworthy, high quality, high safety and high value preservation.

As the leading model of hatchback, Fit has established a reputation of "trust" with high quality, high safety and high value preservation. In A0 market, there are many competitors aiming at Fit, and the only model that can stand the long-term test of the market is Fit. With 8 million global trust and 1.3 million China users, the test of time is enough to prove Fit's position in the hatchback market.

Circle powder with high quality!

From 0 to 8 million, users and Fit have built deep trust and high quality throughout. Fit is built on Honda's global high-standard car-making concept, and once it was launched, it was recognized by young people all over the world, and won many awards such as Japanese Car of the Year, CCTV China Car of the Year Award/Most Popular Award/Economy Car of the Year and so on. At the same time, it has dominated the rankings of major new car quality at home and abroad for a long time, and the fourth-generation Fit won the first place in the market segments ranked by Japanese new car quality research IQS and China new car quality research IQS in 2020 and 2021 respectively! Fit fully explains how to be a reliable global high-quality hatchback with excellent workmanship and reliable quality.

Fourth generation fit

With high security circle powder!

Every generation of Fit has been injected with high safety genes by Honda, equipped with many safety technologies that are ahead of the times, such as the fourth generation of Fit (American Cinema Editors), the American Film and Television Editors Association's load-bearing body, and Honda's sensor active safety system, which greatly improves safety performance. From the global five-star safety grand slam, NHTSA five-star overall vehicle rating and IIHS highest safety selection rating with the highest safety collision test in the world, to becoming a rare A0-class car with three C-NCAP five-star safety evaluations in China, Fit has proved its high safety performance beyond its peers with a number of safety awards from the industry authority. Fit not only carries the travel safety of more than 8 million car owners and wins their trust, but also constantly refreshes the safety performance benchmark at the same level and leads the evolution of the hatchback market.

(American Cinema Editors) American Film and Television Editors Association load-bearing body

With high value circle powder!

The hedging rate is related to the asset value of users' subsequent vehicle transactions, and also reflects the market's recognition of a car's high-quality value to a large extent. Compared with the same level, Fit has an unshakable advantage in the rate of preservation. In the "Red Sandalwood Award China Automobile Preservation Rate Billboard" released by J.D. Power and 58 Automobile, Fit has won the top spot for three consecutive years, which is a well-deserved magic car for preserving value, and also shows the high trust of more than 8 million users in Fit. The sharp weapon to preserve the value of the used car market is Fit.

Fit rate is the first.

Chaowan culture users create together, and the brand goodwill value is Max (male name equals Maximilian).

Users' goodwill towards Fit brand is not only based on hard-core word-of-mouth, but also inseparable from Fit's characteristic trendy play culture. Playability is the unique value of Fit, which other hatchbacks do not have. Fit knows what young people love, constantly bringing users a surprise experience and becoming a "super playmate" for young people. "Few car brands can do this thing to the extreme." This is the media and netizens' most evaluation of Fit.

Why only Fit can gather young people and form a unique automobile culture?

This is due to the excellent performance of Fit in power, space and appearance, which brings far more value of playing cars than the same level. Excellent power control carries the blood and soul of everyone. From the first generation of 1.5L VTEC engine to the blockbuster, the second generation of vehicles added with I -VTEC technology, and the third generation introduced with "Earth Dream Technology" technology, with VTC Vocational Training Bureau (variable timing control) and in-cylinder direct injection technology, Fit always carries the blood and soul of young people with the strongest power performance at the same level. In 2021, Fit made four trips to the track, setting a new record for GR9' s fastest lap time in major international circuits in North China, East China, Central China and South China, and continuing to be known as "civilian super-run".

GR9 four-brush fastest record

In addition to the speed sense of the track brush circle, Fit has more dimensions of car fun, such as space flexibility, car riding and so on. Fit's ever-evolving stylish and flexible body, as well as various bright body colors, are deeply loved by young people. In addition, the Fit space is based on the MM design concept. Whether it is the magic seat or the unique layout of the central fuel tank, the flexible space value brought by innovative design greatly exceeds the psychological expectations of young people for a hatchback. Fit across the level of spacious feeling, leaving more room for tide fans to play. "After the tide reform, there are thousands of people, and each owner has a different personality!"

From the first generation to the fourth generation, Fit has drawn closer to the young people with its passionate sports image and car-playing potential, and created a unique car culture in the hatchback market, which really activated the youthful vitality of the hatchback market and promoted the rise of car-playing culture.

The potential of playing cars continues to advance, and the overseas RS version is about to land in China.

As a promoter of automobile culture, Fit itself is constantly advancing. Whether it is cooperating with performance brands, refitting brands or self-upgrading, Fit has derived a richer and more diverse sports version to carry young people's dream of playing cars with a more sporty image, so that young people can enjoy playing cars in one step.

In 2022, Guangqi Honda responded to the passionate dreams of more young people and launched the first original production model of Infinite MUGEN in China-Fit Infinite MUGEN Edition. Fit Unlimited MUGEN Edition has evolved perfectly on the basis of the fourth generation of excellent Fit products, and adopts a brand-new customized front mesh, a more sporty customized version of the enclosure, a customized version of the sports spoiler tail, blackened sports rims, and the exclusive Unlimited MUGEN brand logo.

Fit unlimited MUGEN edition

The RS version is another eagerly awaited version. In overseas markets, the second generation Fit has launched the RS version, which adopts a more sporty appearance. It is Honda's version that gives Fit more sports and stimulates driving desire, and continues to the third and fourth generation Fit. Pet powder is not limited. The new FIT, which inherits the new RS version of overseas FIT design, will soon land in China, bringing a more tasteful and younger trend to the hatchback market.

No exercise, no faith! The high trust reputation formed by high quality, high safety and high value preservation is the background color of Fit belief, and accurately grasping the unique product value brought by young people's taste carries the youthful trend that young people love to play, dare to play and know how to play. User's taste and Fit strength have jointly spawned a trend of personalized car play that can't be ignored, making the hatchback market dynamic. In the future, the new Fit, which inherits the design of RS version, will continue to respond to users' trust with love and bring more personalized hatchback market. Let us continue to look forward to the dream-seeking journey of Fit!

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