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Toyota coupe price picture price (Toyota coupe price picture book)

[New car after having a car] On the evening of March 6, FAW Toyota bZ3 officially announced the price, and launched three models in total, with an official guide price of 169.8-199.8 million yuan. As the second model of FAW-Toyota bZ pure electric family, the new car is still based on e-TNGA architecture, and its main positioning is pure electric medium-sized car, equipped with blade battery and drive motor provided by BYD, with the longest cruising range of 616 kilometers.

In terms of appearance, FAW Toyota bZ3 continues the family design language of bZ series. The front face has a large-area closed grille and a penetrating headlight inspired by "hammerhead shark", which is matched with the black surrounding kit and side diversion groove below, giving consideration to the sense of technology and sports.

The length, width and height of the car body of FAW Toyota bZ3 are 4725x1835x1475mm and the wheelbase is 2880mm respectively. The modeling of the whole car draws lessons from the design of the coupe style, and the transition from the roof to the rear is smooth and dynamic. The window frame, B-pillar and C-pillar of the new car have also been blackened, showing the visual effect of the suspended roof.

The rear design of FAW Toyota bZ3 is relatively simple, and it is divided into three parts by a sharp horizontal through rib line and through taillights, which looks very layered. Among them, there are many triangular matrix light sources inside the taillight, which not only improves the recognition, but also adds a lot of scientific and technological atmosphere.

The interior style of FAW Toyota bZ3 is simple, and the open surround center console adopts the design concept of "DIGITAL ISLAND", which brings together many functional configurations such as 12.8-inch vertical suspended central control panel, knob-type electronic gear handle and wireless charging of mobile phone in one place, which is convenient for users to operate. In the car system, the new car will support split-screen display, and support navigation, voice control, 360 panoramic images, car-car interconnection, Himalayan music, cool music and other rich functions.

In addition, the new car also follows the design idea of "Driver Oriented", and is equipped with a double flat-bottomed racer's steering wheel and a steering wheel integrated overhead full LCD instrument. The former can bring users a more comfortable control feel, while the latter can avoid the steering wheel from blocking the instrument screen and reduce the driver's line of sight movement, thus obtaining a more comfortable and safe driving vision.

It should be noted that FAW Toyota bZ3 replaced the traditional turn signals and wiper levers with steering wheel paddles and buttons, and the adjustment mode of windows and rearview mirrors is also different from that of conventional button operation, so the overall interaction is more integrated, but it takes users some time to adapt.

In terms of power, FAW Toyota bZ3 is equipped with a front-mounted single motor and a Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery provided by BYD's Foday Power. There are two power versions of the motor, 135kW and 180kW, and the maximum torque is 303N?m. It provides four driving modes: ECO, NORMAL, SPORT and SNOW. The official acceleration time of 0-100km/h is about 7.8 seconds. In the chassis part, the new car adopts the front McPherson+rear double wishbone independent suspension structure.

The batteries of FAW Toyota bZ3 are also available in 49.92kWh and 65.28kWh, and the corresponding comprehensive cruising range under CLTC conditions is 517km and 616km respectively, and the official comprehensive power consumption per 100 km is 11kWh/100km and 12kWh/100km respectively. In addition, the charging port of the new car is set at the rear of the car body, which makes it more convenient to charge in the basement. The vehicle also supports two modes: slow charging and fast charging. In the fast charging mode, the power can be charged from 30% to 80% in 27 minutes.

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Compared with bZ4X, Toyota's pure electric family design language is more eye-catching on bZ3, and the sense of science and technology in the cockpit control area is stronger. And this time, Toyota chose BYD, a new domestic energy source, as a supplier of motors and batteries, and with the empowerment of Toyota e-TNGA architecture, it is sure to have a good performance in driving experience and endurance.

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