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Tesla car price list edamame 3 (Tesla car price list y)

Since the New Year's Day in 2023, due to the exit of the new energy state subsidy, major independent brands have announced the price increase of their models one after another. Tesla, which has always been "maverick", has been slow to move after the price cut in October last year. However, it never occurred to me that Tesla actually cut prices against the market on January 6.

Hit a record low

On the morning of January 6th, Tesla updated official website. Among them, the new model 3 has launched two vehicle configurations, and the price range is 229,900-329,900 yuan; The new Y-type has launched three vehicle configurations, and the price range is 259,900-359,900 yuan. This time, Tesla's price cut is indeed a bit large, which is the lowest price since its listing.

Specifically, the back-drive version of Model 3 decreased from 265,900 to 229,900, with a direct drop of 36,000; The high-performance version of Model 3 was reduced from 349,900 to 329,900, and the price was reduced by 21,000. The Y-type rear-drive version was reduced from 288,900 to 259,900, with a straight drop of 29,000. The Y-type long-life version was reduced from 357,900 to 309,900, with a price reduction of 48,000; Y-type high-performance version decreased from 397,900 to 359,900, with a price reduction of 38,000.

The question is, does the price drop so low mean that the vehicle configuration will shrink in the future? Brother Che specially inquired about official website information and found this worry unnecessary. The appearance and interior configuration of the new car are still consistent with the cash.

Model s and model x publish pricing.

In fact, this time, not only the prices of the new models 3 and Y are eye-catching, but Tesla also announced the prices of brand-new models S and X, starting from 789,900 and 879,900 yuan respectively. Some time ago, I learned that this brand-new S/X model has been upgraded in product strength, and this time the price has dropped a lot compared with the current 2021 model.

First look at the 2021 S-type dual-motor all-wheel drive version, which has dropped from 889,990 yuan to 789,900 yuan now, a decrease of nearly 100,000 yuan; The 2021 three-motor all-wheel drive grid pattern version has dropped from 1,059,900 yuan to 1,009,900 yuan now, a decrease of nearly 50,000 yuan; The X 2021 dual-motor all-wheel drive version has dropped from 939,990 yuan to 879,900 yuan now, a decrease of nearly 60,000 yuan. The only model with price increase is the X2023 three-motor all-wheel drive plaid pattern version, which rose from 999,900 to 1,039,900, an increase of about 40,000.

Pressure on independent brands

As for the reasons for this price cut, the media have different opinions. In the view of the car brother, since mid-September last year, Tesla has been promoting consumption through various insurance subsidies, even if it has laid a vaccination for price cuts. Moreover, with the optimization and transformation of Shanghai Superfactory, the localization rate of spare parts is higher than 95%, its production capacity is also increasing, and its cost is also decreasing. It seems that the price reduction has become a foregone conclusion.

It's just that today, with the withdrawal of the state compensation, Tesla seems to be getting more and more brave, but it's a bit "disloyal" to wait for other car companies to raise prices before announcing price cuts. It is estimated that this behavior will also trigger an uproar in the domestic new energy market. The catfish effect has already occurred, and how other brands will follow the brand and whether the domestic new energy market will reshuffle will become the most anticipated drama of the Year of the Rabbit.

As the people who eat melons, the car-playing brothers can't guarantee that their own brands will immediately cut prices with the cards. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that the rights protection activities of Tesla owners in major cities will be carried out as scheduled.

Editor/Su Geng

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