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Retro modification of Sekelon ra2 (Sekelon ra2 modification case)


Since Sekelon RA2 became attached, it has traveled 5,000 kilometers. It has been half a year since meeting, knowing each other and accompanying each other. Even the hot sun and snowy weather can't stop being together every day. I mainly used it for daily traffic, mountain running, suburban travel, etc. During this period, I didn't complain at all, let alone go on strike, and I was very satisfied with the car Seclon RA2. Today, I mainly share five aspects:

First, modification

The biggest pleasure that Seclon ?RA2 brings me is modification, which is divided into two levels: one is appearance improvement, and the other is performance improvement, and I belong to the first one. First of all, in my spare time, I will try to shape "her" into something I like. Secondly, ask friends to help realize it step by step. After several rounds of restructuring, although the "DIY" can't be achieved, it is satisfactory every time. If you don't do it yourself, you seem to lack something. Only by integrating your own ideas into the locomotive can you control it more wonderfully and comfortably. Of course, I would also like to appeal to all motorcycle friends to rationally refit and create a good motorcycle culture and atmosphere.

Second, the noise

Noise is divided into: 1. Exhaust system noise, 2. Intake system noise, 3. Engine noise, 4. Car body vibration noise, 5. Transmission system noise, 6. Tire noise. Several motorcycle friends of Hello mentioned the transmission noise of RA2 in their articles, and my opinion here is acceptable. First of all, its sound level intensity and frequency combination are not beyond the range of our hearing organs. Secondly, our ears are subjectively selective to external sounds, and sensitive audio is generated by ear nerves to produce muscle memory. In other words, we can hear this sound without driving. Of course, we can also avoid or reduce some noise, such as wearing a full helmet, diligent maintenance, and focusing on the front of vision.

Third, the reasons for ending the modification

Ready to change the model of Kelon 400CC power, wandering between retro, street car and imitation race. When talking about this topic with riders in the early stage, riders expressed their support because there are too many distinguished Sekelon owners in the circle. What impressed me the most was a motorist I paid attention to. He owned all the models of Sekelon X series and was also an iron powder of Sekelon. Since 2013, he has carried him and his lover to embrace poetry and the distance for countless times and successfully completed every trip. The growth of Zongshen Kelon is obvious to all. Today's modeling, design, quality control and service are worthy of our affirmation, and at the same time, we can also give the products we want. This is the reason why I continue to support it.

IV. Contents of modification in this period

There are mainly round taillights, rear suspended turn signals, tailrails, new paint for the whole car, license plate racks, etc. to share with you. We also plan to change the front and rear vacuum rollers, front and rear serrated tires, belt drive, Harley hidden taillights, etc. These unfinished things can only be gradually realized by other motorcycle friends! We can discuss it like the previous issues when we have the opportunity. In the end, I don't bring goods or sell them. The restructuring is purely a hobby. Thank you!

Five, modified motorcycle friends recommended

Motorists who are about to refit or are refitting can pay attention to the Indian style of Xinjiang ra2 Big Brother and the Kyle -chopper style of Gansu, and the refitted works are very personalized.

Left view before color change

Left front view

Tail fence

Round taillight+rear suspension turn signal

Color-changed fuel tank+decal

Left view after color change

Left front view after color change

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