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Apulia gtr 150 (Apulia GTR 150)

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Jamie said before that a professional test driver can test the power, design and handling performance of a car in a short time and a short mileage.

However, in a long distance, different driving environment and working conditions of more than ten hours a day, a whole vehicle can expose quality problems that cannot be exposed in normal evaluation. For example, a car that Jamie was driving on the China Ring Road a long time ago had many problems, such as broken frame, oil leakage from brake pipe, fuel pump and overrunning clutch failure, etc. These problems are difficult to detect in short test. Of course, the above situation is extremely rare. After all, most manufacturers are very conscientious and responsible in making cars.

All right, let's go back to this Terra ·ADV we were talking about.

This Apulia small-displacement entry-level adventure car lives up to the name of Apulia. During the whole journey, Terra did not have any trouble, and completed the ride well.

When talking about cars, the first part must be about engines and power.

First of all, the question that riders often ask is whether the power of this car is enough.

In Jamie's view, this question is both objective and particularly subjective.

Objectively speaking, APR150 is the most powerful power platform in the market at present, which is 150 ml. None of them: water-cooled single cylinder and four valves, the maximum torque of 7500 rpm and the maximum power of 9500 rpm are 13.3 kW. Many power levels of the same level or even 200 ml can only reach about 11 kW.

Subjectively, whether the power is enough depends on how fast you want to run on the paved road, how steep you want to climb, and how high you want to fly.

Terra's speedometer is a little more than 110km/h for pavement, which is slower than that of Goverment Public Relations and China Railway on the same platform because of sprocket tooth ratio and wind resistance. As for the off-road mode, Jamie thinks that 18 horsepower is more than 130 kilograms, which is completely enough for this level of users. If you want to climb a steeper slope, fly higher and farther, and involve particularly soft sand, only professional off-road vehicles can do it; The power of a larger-displacement adventure rickshaw can be achieved, but the rider needs to be advanced to a considerable technical level before he can control it.

Another problem that many riders discuss is about the high turning point.

Objectively speaking, as long as the performance models are all high-turning, including the well-known sports models of BMW, KTM, Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, etc., as long as they are related to sport, they must have the maximum torque and power in the high-speed range. Speaking of the root causes, in order to adapt to the rules of the competition, the exhaust volume has been limited, and it can only be turned to higher training and squeezed out more motivation.

That's how this APR150 engine came from, and there is no problem. It's just that most domestic users haven't got out of the habit that the early scooters let loose their clutches and feel the power break out instantly.

Then the second part will talk about the frame and shock absorption.

We often go to the flying slope on the road, and the strength of Terra's frame is completely without any problems, and its stability is particularly good.

It's a little soft for the shock absorber. With this setting, normal unpaved roads are very comfortable to drive and have excellent shock absorption. However, the rear shock absorber will hit the bottom when landing after flying slope. Moreover, unlike DRD, this rear shock absorber is multi-link, so this rear shock absorber has room for upgrading.

The third thing to talk about is rims and brakes.

Terra's ADV version uses the front 21-inch/rear 17-inch steel wire aluminum alloy wheels, and is matched with pineapple tires that take into account both road and off-road. In the case of traveler, firstly, it is lightweight, and secondly, it has a particularly strong ability to absorb impact. This combination, together with Terra's high ground clearance, makes it particularly passable when it is off-road.

Terra has single disc brakes in the front and rear. It is worth noting that the hardness of the rear brake is higher than that of the front brake, and the front brake will be softer, which also reflects the intention of this car. After all, there are quite a few cases where the rear wheels need to be locked when off-road.

Finally, talk about battery life.

Terra's fuel tank is 11.2L, which is not a very large volume. But don't forget that it is only 150cc, so it has an endurance of nearly 300 kilometers. This refueling radius is basically all over the country.

Of course, Terra is not a perfect car because of its positioning and cost. For example, it is only 150cc, its front damping is not a better performance reduction, and its rear damping is not a multi-link. Just as there is no absolutely perfect thing in the world, the existence of Terra is indeed a clear stream in the small-displacement ADV.

On the whole, Terra seems to have done a lot of work in Jamie's eyes. Except for all the above, the anti-fall turn signal, high exhaust and the original water tank fender, all the details are telling you that it is such an adventure car that can accompany you to the ends of the earth.

If you are a rider who yearns for motorcycle adventure travel, and you don't have too high requirements for speed, or if you want to enter a large-displacement traction model, the technology is not good enough or the budget is not sufficient, then this Terra ADV is your best choice.

After all, what we consume is the lifestyle that motorcycles can bring, not simply owning a car, but more importantly, what this car can take us to do.

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