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Tesla 2020 New Model 3 Price (Tesla 2021 New Model 3 Price)

Previously, we had exposed a group of real photos about the new Tesla model 3, but at that time only the front part with a new design was shown. Recently, we learned about the rendering of the rear of the new car from the internet channel, in which the car was equipped with a brand-new taillight group design.

Specifically, the new car is equipped with a brand-new taillight group, and the design of inverted L-shape on both sides brings a certain degree of recognition to the new car, which is quite different from the current model, and is somewhat similar to the style of Guangben to some extent. At the same time, the tail box cover, rear bumper, etc. at the tail have adopted a flatter design, which makes the new car look more concise and conforms to the design style circulated by the new Model 3. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a small spoiler design at the tail, which is consistent with the current Model 3 high-performance version.

As for the tail design exposed in this rendering, I think it is not impossible in terms of taillights. On the one hand, it can improve its own recognition and open the gap with the current models; On the other hand, it can save costs. Compared with the current models, the new lamp group lacks the design of the lower half, which means that it can use less materials and lower costs, which is in line with Tesla's previous talk of reducing production costs and is reasonable on the whole.

Looking back on the appearance, the new car has a new style of front bumper design, in which the overall design will be more linear than the cash, and the fog lights on both sides will be cancelled, which is expected to bring better aerodynamic force to the new car, thus improving the endurance performance of the new car. However, in terms of headlight groups on both sides, it adopts more straight-line design instead of the existing arc design, which makes it look a little more sporty.

In addition, the new car has also made corresponding adjustments for the interior of the headlight group. The matrix light group with the LED daytime running lights underneath is obviously different from the current models, and the overall recognition is high, and its lighting brightness can be further improved. At the same time, the new car has cancelled the design of the front radar probe, but it is reported that cameras will be added at the end of the light group and the middle air inlet to improve the "visual" ability of the vehicle and the performance of the automatic driving assistance system.

In other aspects, the new car will adjust the rearview mirror style in the future, and add a new camera with 5 million pixels to support 360 panoramic image function. In the interior, the central control panel will be adjusted according to the design shape, and the wood decorative strips in the car will be replaced with fabric or Alcantara material to enhance the visual impression of the car.

The editor said:

Although all kinds of news about new cars are always exposed like toothpaste, with the continuous release of information, it also means that the time for the official release and listing of new cars is getting closer and closer, which is still good. In addition, according to the previous plan, the new car will be produced in the Shanghai factory in the third quarter. Then we will see what adjustments will be made to the new car in terms of products, and whether the price will be further reduced compared with the cash. If the production cost is really lower than now, do you think it is possible to sell it for 200,000 or less?

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