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Fuel consumption of Dodge srt Hellcat (measured fuel consumption of Dodge Hellcat)

At first, I knew this model because of speed and passion. Every time, there were extremely fast hellcats in the play, especially when I stepped on the brakes and stepped on the accelerator to the end, making the tires rub on the ground and rolling my eyes, which made people look up.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat srt's embedded round headlights look extremely fierce, revealing the heroic style of the American muscle car. With the redesigned and upgraded vehicle sports kit, the suspension adjustment will be harder.

The integrated taillight of the new car uses 164 light-emitting diodes, and the rear wing of the muscle car improves its stability at high speed, while the bottom spoiler and the large-diameter double-outlet tail row show its powerful performance more thoroughly.

There is an 8.4-inch large screen in the central control area, on which the relevant performance of the car can be adjusted, such as the gear ratio of the gearbox, the ejection start during linear acceleration, the setting of G force, race timing, etc. From the point of view of the interior configuration, this car seems to be designed for competition.

Cars also have many shortcomings, such as high fuel consumption and a gas tiger, so they rarely travel long distances. His wide body and long body don't seem so friendly to novices. For female drivers, the heavy steering wheel may have to be trained into a unicorn arm.

In terms of motivation:

It is equipped with the Hellcat Hemi engine of Chrysler Group. This technology is very exquisite, with a half-meter hemispherical combustion chamber. Therefore, it is equipped with a 6.2T supercharged V8 engine, with a maximum horsepower of 717ps and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Its zero-speed acceleration score is 3.8 seconds, the maximum safe speed is 328km/h, and its modification potential is infinite, which is very popular among young people.

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