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Fit Modification Post Bar (Experience of Fit Modification)

Let's take a photo taken two days ago. The car is like this now. Let's talk about it slowly.

I like cars since I was a child, so I bought a manual Honda Fit on the basis of saving money and family sponsorship after graduation.

The purpose of buying this car is very clear: 1. As a car fan, the first car must be a manual gear. While improving driving skills, learn various correct driving methods and advanced driving skills of manual gears. 2. Honda Fit is within the price range I can accept. There is a lot of room for modification and it is fun to drive. 3. It seems that there is no Honda, so I reluctantly take it as a reason. Although I am not a Honda brain powder, the product strength and corporate culture of Honda Technology Research are worthy of respect.

The car was picked up in January this year, so let's not talk about the excitement of picking up the car. Anyway, it has continued until now. Look at the picture and talk.

I bought it and changed it into a hub cover, imitating the Japanese version of the mixed shape. Personally, I think it's ok. It's like a toy, but when it's sprayed by friends around me, men, women and children say it's ugly, but everyone who knows cars says it's low. I also admit it. Anyway, it's a temporary substitute. It doesn't matter.

Let's talk about the experience of daily use. I won't say much about the absolute power output level. Anyway, it is completely beyond the competitors of the same level, and it can draw small performance cars such as Sagitar, POLO and GTI, and most joint venture compact cars and non-2.0t medium-sized cars.

Let's talk about a characteristic that impressed me: when the floor oil is accelerated, the speed of speed climbing will increase after the vtec is turned on for 5 thousand revolutions, which will have a certain conflict with the prediction of general driving, so the shift point is not so accurate when shifting gears in low gear, which brings a little tension. I think this is fun.

The fuel consumption is almost the lowest at the same level. I think the strongest power can be achieved and the lowest fuel consumption can be achieved. But if you have both, you can judge that Honda is very good at engine development at least.

Not much to say about the interior space. Now, although many cars with this positioning are abnormal, the space utilization rate of Fit is the strongest at the same level. In the case of similar interior space, the floor space of the car is much smaller.

Here are two details: 1. The legroom of the front co-pilot of Fit is actually a bit small, even if the seat is adjusted to the end, it is still a bit cramped. 2, the general car critics say that this level of car, the back row without air conditioning air outlet is normal, but the fit is, under the front seat, when the wind blows, the back row can be out of the wind.

As for refitting, because I am just a design migrant worker with very, very general family conditions and just graduated from college for one year, and this car is my daily scooter, the overall positioning of the refitting style and refitting accessories I choose is that the performance is street style and I can afford it, and it is relatively high, and it is a refitted part of a big brand as far as possible. So if there are students who are similar to me in all aspects, we can refer to each other and communicate with each other.

The first change is the short spring of tein high tech. Here's why the spring is shortened first.

1. Because the budget is limited, there is no way to install it in one step like the local tyrants.

2. After driving for a while, I found that the support of this car was obviously insufficient, so I decided to start with suspension.

3. If you change the hub with competitive style without changing the suspension, the car will be very strange and look a bit silly. On the contrary, if you don't change the hub, you will lower the body first. It seems that there will be no problem, and you can add a little points.

4. I put on the short spring first because I want to try whether this height can be used for daily use first. If I buy a twisted tooth for thousands of dollars and find that I can't accept this hardness or height, it will be white.

5, a set of fancy teeth, a set of tire hub springs on my car, so from the perspective of economic ability, this is the fastest choice to change the model. Of course, if I have money in the future, I will try a set of twisted teeth.

In the process of unpacking ...

The spring of the front wheel is very good! You can feel different in your hand. It's tein after all.

The back spring, brown rubber sleeve, prevents the spring from squeezing together and the metal from rubbing against each other. I think this structure of the rear spring is related to the light load of the fit rear wheel. If the whole section is particularly hard, the spring will not be pressed down under normal conditions, and the suspension will have no stretching stroke at all. If the whole section is soft, so that it can be pressed to a reasonable height under normal conditions, then a person will be pressed to the end at once, so this design is very reasonable. This is also why we should choose big brands, even some small parts.

Insert two photos during installation.

Torsion beam suspension

The appearance after lowering is very harmonious.

Because the hub has not changed, it just looks more harmonious, but if the hub is changed without changing the spring in the first step, it will be very disharmonious.

Participated in a track day, yes, almost the original factory. Mainly to experience it, and didn't push the car to the limit.

Let's talk about the feeling of this set of springs. Because the shock absorption of the original car is relatively hard, there is no excessive bounce caused by changing the short spring.

However, because the calibration of this set of short springs is about the same number of pounds before and after, but the rear axle load of the fit is very low, the comfort of the rear row is relatively poor when crossing the pit and the speed bump. But it is acceptable.

Or because the number of pounds before and after is the same, in the extreme state, you will feel that the front suspension is a little soft, unable to hold up, and the front and rear are not very balanced. This can only be felt when driving in the extreme, and there is no problem with intense driving.

So it also reflects that this set of short springs or all short springs are used for daily walking.

On the whole, this set of short springs is very good and worth it. When the speed is slow, you can feel the improvement of texture by passing through some speed bumps, especially the front wheels, not stiff, and the situation of nodding when braking is greatly improved. Over the elevated joints, it is not as loose as before. Very satisfied!

Tired of seeing the wheel hub cover, I wanted to change it myself. I bought the spray paint that can be sprayed into a film and torn off on Taobao, and blocked the tires with playing cards.

Be sure to pay attention to: when spraying, spray it thinly, layer by layer. The more layers you spray, the better. It's okay if the bottom layer is not sprayed evenly, and then spray it on the next layer. Never spray too much in the same place. In this way, spray painting will form liquid, which will be uneven and difficult to make up.

The effect is not bad

It looks very comfortable, and it is a sense of accomplishment to do it yourself.

After driving for more than a week, I found the problem. Because this kind of spray paint can form a film and can be torn off, the surface is frosted. In this case, it can't be wiped off after being dirty. I rubbed it hard and wiped off the film. Therefore, the plan to change the hub was put on the agenda in advance.

The wheel hub was basically optimistic before buying a car. After buying it, I have been saving money and waiting for an opportunity. Now the opportunity is finally ripe.

The wheel hub is the N719 of Yafendi's spinning and casting lightweight series, which is said to be enkei's technology. In any case, the workmanship is really great and the weight is really light. Yafendi is also a big factory, OEM many big brands, and many racing cars are also in use, so rest assured.

Personally, I have always liked the gun-gray wheel hub, which is especially good in performance. In addition, the style of this wheel hub is multiple straight bars, which are open from the inside out, so it is not small in the car, so it is very handsome!

A single 4.8KJ, except those forged wheels with a price of more than 10,000 yuan, is not lighter than this, but actually it is only more than 1,000 yuan more expensive than the original replacement wheels with original factory data of 300-501, but it obtains different technology, different workmanship and even performance. Moreover, due to the data, the loading B-grid is also higher, which can fill the wheel arch better, and the performance is good! It can also reserve space for changing the brakes later, so I think it's worth more than 1000 yuan.

Youkehaoma ad08r, 195 55 r15 for tire.

Although the tire width is 195, the transition from the sidewall to the tread of this tire is not smooth as that of an ordinary family car. This tire is closer to the right angle, so the contact area is larger than the same size.

The grip on dry ground is very good, and the tire temperature rises rapidly. It can be clearly felt that the tire sticks to the ground and the first gear with directional floor oil can hardly slip. I like the tire pattern every time I see it.

Grasping the ground in wetlands, as long as it rains, runs normally like cars on 90% roads, and it is completely no problem, not as scary as the legend.

Disadvantages: the road noise is bigger than that of the original factory, because the friction is big, so the sliding distance will be relatively short.

Domestic Wan Hu, M drum for exhaust. The exhaust of big brands such as HKS and JSracing is too expensive, and the back pressure is too low, so the direct exhaust is afraid of being too noisy. This one is just like JSracing's design. There is a plug in the exhaust port, which is not much different from the original factory after plugging. I think the sound is just right after taking it off, and there is a tempering sound when receiving oil. I especially like it. When parking, you can hear the tempering sound of grunting when you step on it for two thousand turns. When running at high speed, you can install the plug, which is not noisy and interesting. Very satisfied, praise one.

It's loaded.

It is still very handsome, because the style of the wheel hub, the hard tire sidewall and the reduction of the car body make the wheel hub not look like a 15-inch one.

Borrowing the photos of netizens in car home Fit Forum, this car and I are a kind of wheel hub, but the original tire is hung by the original factory, so the tire looks very round, and the distance between the wheel hub and the car body is relatively large, so it looks disharmonious.

That's why I said why the suspension was changed first, and then the hub was changed when the funds were not enough. Don't change the hub without moving anything, and the tire of the original factory 185 and the hub of the 7J actually don't match.

It's just a personal opinion, without any other meaning.

The close-up of the wheel hub is very handsome, with good texture and workmanship. The middle cover, which I didn't want to install, is a little rustic. It turned out to be too late. If you want to dismantle it, you can only dismantle the hub, so just leave it.

To add: the front wheel is replaced with a 600-degree brake pad of dixcel, which feels that the foot feel has been improved to a certain extent and the brakes are a little more linear.

To sum up what has been modified at present:

TEIN HIGH TECH short spring

Avandie N719 Gun Grey Wheel Hub

You ke Hao ma ad08r 195 55 r15 tire

Exhaust at the tail section of Wan Hu M drum

DIXCEI brake pad

It's not much to change, and it's not expensive, but it's a way I think it can be done quickly. Although every modified part has to be saved up every month, I still think that the things in the cottage and the things in the small factory should not be used. At least, we should use big brands. If we can't afford them, we will wait and buy them.

What's more, I think the modification should be done by myself. I find out where it needs to be upgraded, and then I upgrade it. I don't want to listen to others or see how others change it. It's just a suit, so there is no point in playing with cars.

Because there are a lot of things written in this article, some of them are not very detailed. You want to know what you can leave a message. I will post them in detail later.

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