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The latest news of Lexus price reduction NX260 (Lexus new nx260 quotation)

A news about our store in Chengdu has been widely spread among car buyers recently: the limited-time preferential promotion policy has been implemented for certain models of Lexus (with non-expendable) sold by the 4S store! As soon as the news came out, it attracted a large number of users to the store to watch the car test drive. Although the activity is attractive, buying a car still depends on the performance and the user's preference. For details, please read on.

Insert an important message, our Lexus (same as non-expendable) non-consumable discount, please read it carefully: Chengdu Zhongsheng Lexus new NX260 enjoys half of the in-store purchase tax within a limited time, and enjoys exclusive courtesy when entering the store for test drive; At the end of the year, the limited-time benefits are waiting for you ~ specifically, you need to come to the store to understand the more favorable price. Welcome new and old customers to visit and appreciate it ~ Let's have a good look at Lexus (with non-expendable) non-consumable car. ......

With people's more and more profound understanding of cars, safety has become an important measure when people choose cars. This Lexus (same as non-expendable) is highly praised by car buyers for its non-consumable safety performance.

With people's car life getting richer and richer, the requirements for multimedia systems are getting higher and higher when buying a car. Whether the user interface design is reasonable and whether the system runs smoothly is the most concerned part. Lexus (with non-expendable) non-consumable multimedia configuration has been recognized by the majority of car owners with its excellent comprehensive performance.

Interested friends may wish to go to the store for a test drive. The address is No.36, Wulongshan Road, Shulong Avenue, north of Chengdu (next to Poly 198 Park), or directly call the hotline: 028-67359999 for first-hand promotion information!

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