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Electric luxury car interior (electric car interior)

Entering the middle of the year, car companies have accelerated the pace of sprint. Recently, new cars have emerged in an endless stream, and they are dazzled by Xiaobian. However, the emergence of a name still makes people shine, and it is Buick New LaCrosse.

Since its listing, Buick LaCrosse has been occupying the position of the benchmark for medium-sized cars, giving full play to American luxury. Recently, with the exposure of the new LaCrosse interior map, this car has been pushed to a more eye-catching position again.

The whole interior of the new car is equipped with a general-purpose VCS intelligent cockpit, equipped with a 30-inch curved surface screen, the steering wheel is a brand-new four-position model, the center console and the door trim panel are equipped with atmosphere lights, and the atmosphere is quite dreamy with the star-like function buttons. In addition, the new LaCrosse has been replaced by a new brand logo, with a higher overall grade and a more modern feeling.

As a luxury medium-sized car, mercedes benz c Class has just completed the upgrading, and the interior atmosphere and grade are very outstanding, and the sales volume is also excellent. Compared with the interior atmosphere of the new LaCrosse, it does not fall in the wind. Not only is the sense of integrity comparable to the sense of elegance in design, but even the sense of interior atmosphere that Mercedes-Benz is most proud of, the new LaCrosse is equally full. It is no wonder that some people say that if you put the car label on it, you may think that the new LaCrosse is a Mercedes-Benz D.

Another major change of the new model is the use of the gear design, and the Buick New Century and the first-generation GL8, which were made earlier in China, are also gear designs. Of course, Mercedes-Benz is also gear designs, and the new LaCrosse also provides shift paddles. The design of the shield makes the shape of the sub-center console area very simple, and it is safer and more convenient to operate. The new LaCrosse adopts a three-dimensional layout in the middle, with a mobile phone wireless charging board on the front protruding platform shape and a hollow storage compartment at the bottom. Not only is the design strong, but it is also very exquisite. This design, which opens up the main and auxiliary drivers, effectively increases the use area and greatly enhances the sense of space transparency in the car.

In detail, the electric seat adjustment button of the new model was moved to the door trim panel, and the button including the seat memory was also placed in the front of the door handle, which is in line with Mercedes-Benz. The boomerang-shaped door handle is novel and exquisite, and the interior of the door panel is even made of perforated leather, and the brushed texture is matched with electroplated decorative strips, which highlights the exquisiteness. The electric adjustment keys of door panel seats are the same as those of Buick Century and Mercedes-Benz. The circular keys next to them integrate electric lumbar support and seat ventilation adjustment, and there are 2-speed seat memory and door unlocking and locking buttons in front of the door handle, which are quite luxurious in configuration.

In contrast, compared with the new LaCrosse, the 11th Honda Accord just released by competitors can hardly be seen in the interior. The overall interior of the Accord is very traditional, basically copying the Honda Civic, which is a level of hundreds of thousands of A-class cars.

In addition, in terms of materials and workmanship, Japanese cars have always cut corners, and the Accord has carried forward the "tradition" of Japanese cars. It is full of plastic and has a low configuration, which is completely different from the new LaCrosse.

Judging from the spy photos of the interior, the main change of the new LaCrosse is the design, and its style has evolved from the early commercialization to the modern technology. But what remains unchanged is that the new LaCrosse is still at the forefront of the traditional medium-sized car, and the whole interior gives people the overall feeling, just like a Mercedes-Benz D-class. The spy photos of the interior are just to attract jade. I believe that after the official listing of the new LaCrosse, it will definitely give people more surprises.

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