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The latest car quotation of Chezhijia in 2022 (Chezhijia 2021 car quotation)

Domestic motorcycles began to fight back, and Guangyang S350 was released the day after tomorrow, with an estimated price of 36,000-40,000.

As a professional scooter manufacturer, Guangyang has a wide range of products, from entry-level small pedals to medium-sized cruise pedals to high-end running sheep. And because it entered the mainland market earlier, it also gained a good market share. However, with the release of Honda NSS350, this brand will face unprecedented pressure.

Because of the performance and price of NSS350, this car will hit a wide range, and many scooters with medium displacement will be defeated by it. Under such severe market challenges, Guangyang will release a new generation of flagship model S350 the day after tomorrow to cope with this sudden change.

The overseas version of this flagship model newly released by Guangyang is named DTX360, while the mainland version is called s350. According to relevant information, it is not imported from the original version, but will be manufactured and sold by Changzhou Guangyang, so it will be slightly different from the original version.

This is a cross-defined car, which incorporates the popular adverb elements on the basis of the original large cruise scooter, but its adverb elements are not very strong from the picture of the car, which looks much weaker than the KPV150 that has been listed. Of course, this may also be the plane effect brought by the picture, not the real performance of the real car.

In terms of power, this car is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve EFI engine. The actual displacement of this engine is 320ml, the maximum power is 21.2KW, the maximum torque is 30N.m, and the power adjustment is low.

Compared with the parameters published by NSS350, this value has no advantage, because the actual displacement of NSS350 is 10ml larger than it, so the maximum torque is 1.8N.m more, and the running quality of Honda's engine will be more delicate, so this S350 can't get much cheaper in powertrain. (However, the final parameters shall be subject to the vehicle release status.)

In terms of configuration, from the information currently known, keyless start, LCD instrument, LED light source, ABS and two-way fast charging will be the standard of this car, and it is possible to assemble a body stabilization system, so it seems that its configuration is still relatively rich.

In terms of body, there are not many relevant figures about this car, but its body is relatively large, and the sitting space is ideal. Two full helmets can be put down, and the passing performance will be guaranteed because of the wheels with the front 14 and the rear 13 inches. However, compared with the design of NSS350 with the front 15 and the rear 14 inches, it seems that it feels a little less interesting.

Through the above brief introduction and comparison, we can see that the highlights of Guangyang S350 mainly focus on the cross-border style, basic configuration, body structure and fairly good dynamic performance.

However, there is obviously not much chance of winning against Honda NSS350 with such performance. Although the appearance of this car blew the horn of domestic motorcycle counterattack, feelings can not catalyze the desire to buy. For consumers, it is necessary to come up with real benefits.

Now that the performance of the model has been like this, the preferential strength of this car will focus on its final price. If Guangyang really wants to use this car to give it a try and keep its position as the first brother of domestic scooters, it must make more fuss about the price. Under this premise, the knight shares the estimate that the final price of this car will be 36,000-40,000, and if the S350 exceeds 40,000, it is basically impossible.

Because since there is not much advantage in power and the cross-border style is not very strong, there is no reason for riders not to choose NSS350. Even if the price of this car will be higher, after all, people are Honda's scooter and the direct opponent of XMAX300. Therefore, if Guangyang's S350 wants to stop Honda's attack, it must make a big fuss about the price. At this time, even if it is losing money, it must be hard.

If you lose the battle at the beginning, it will be more and more difficult in the following days. If people increase their efforts, they can only bow down and retreat behind the scenes. Riders, how much do you think you will buy this car, and which one will you choose?

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