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Accord Ten Generation 2020 Easy Car (Accord Ten Generation 2022)

Too young to be dismissed as frivolous and immature, but too old to be spit out as middle-aged and greasy, the trouble of being a man seems to exist in the automobile industry. Therefore, you will see that more and more people like to exercise in the circle of friends, and many mid-level cars are increasingly fond of moving closer to sports. To be a mature but not greasy mid-level car may be one of the original intentions of the 10th Accord.

In the last test, we made a comprehensive comment on the static items such as the body size and space of the new Accord. Today, the main test is the "actual combat" ability of the Accord. Although neither the name nor the positioning of the Accord seems to have anything to do with sports, after all, it is a Honda. When a Honda car is in front of you, you will always be curious about its performance.

Accelerated test

The new Accord we tested is equipped with a 260 high-power 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 143kW and a maximum torque of 260 nm, which is also the highest adjusted version of this 1.5T engine in China.

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Accelerated test

Handling stability test

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Pile winding test

High-speed emergency hedging test

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Emergency line change test

When avoiding obstacles at high speed, the steering wheel feedback speed is very fast, and the chassis support strength also makes the driver full of confidence. Finally, the intervention of the electric selective electronic stability system is also very timely, and the driver does not need to make too many correction actions.

Brake performance test

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No load brake test

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Full load brake test

Track performance test

Full speed of Beijing Ruisi circuit: 1 minute 06.48 seconds.

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Track test

In the comprehensive performance evaluation of the track test, the Accord, which is not dominant in power, regained a lot of time in corners with its excellent chassis skills, and did not have the impression that such a large vehicle was awkward and slow. Accurate pointing can make people find some driving pleasure.

Under the high temperature of 35 degrees, the Accord's braking system showed a certain degree of attenuation after five laps of testing, and the CVT gearbox also limited some power. High temperature is always the biggest enemy of track test vehicles.

In the end, the score of 06.48 was considered as a qualified answer sheet. Besides the weak power and tire grip, the new Accord's good chassis performance was impressive.

Performance test summary

After a series of extreme performance tests, the new Accord gives people the feeling that it can provide as much driving pleasure as possible in the middle of the law, which not only ensures the stability as an intermediate car, but also maintains the most basic performance as a Honda car. Mature, steady and still full of vitality, such an "uncle" may have more potential to become a heartthrob.

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