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How to cross the sea by car to Sanya (how long does it take to cross the sea by car to Sanya)

I was lucky enough to drive in and out of Hainan Island once this year, and I got a clear understanding of the whole journey in Hainan, go on road trip, and the differences between Hainan Province and go on road trip in other provinces. Today, I arranged it well for your reference.

Traveling to Hainan by car is the dream of many car owners. Because Hainan Island is free of charge, the whole island is warmer than other provinces in winter, so many people are still eager to try, but they are not very familiar with the domestic high-speed charging system and are a little worried.

Let's talk about the process of going to Xiamen from Sanya, Hainan. The whole journey is relatively easy to open. In this section of Hainan Island, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes from Sanya to Haikou Port. The time is not long. You can rest directly in Guangdong without considering staying overnight in Hainan.

After arriving at Haikou cross-sea ferry port, the cars lined up one by one for ticket inspection and security inspection. There are two island-leaving docks in Haikou. One is xiuying port Dock, which is located in the urban area and located in xiuying district, Haikou City. The dock is very close to the urban area of Haikou, and the exit gate is a famous coastal avenue in Haikou. The other terminal is Xinhai Port Terminal, which is located near Haikou Railway Station. Its characteristics are that there are not many vehicles leaving the island, and the queue time is relatively short, depending on the traffic flow of the day. Sometimes, the queue time in xiuying port is shorter than that in Xinhai Port.

Don't worry that there is no cross-sea ferry when the bus arrives at the dock, just buy it now and leave now, because the port runs round the clock, with an average of about one ferry every hour. The ferry takes about 2 hours to travel at sea. After reaching the other shore, it also queues up to leave the port. Zhanjiang City, the exit is the expressway. Friends who leave the island suggest that we take a night's rest before the Zhanjiang Expressway and start again the next morning. We will talk about the specific reasons in the next paragraph.

Hainan's high-speed is free of charge for the whole journey, so it is very convenient to get on and off the high-speed, and the high-speed charge will not increase because of the problem of sectional charging. In other provinces, high-speed highways need to be charged, and the upper and lower high-speed highways need to pass through toll stations. If there is an ETC device, the queue time will not be too long, but if there is no ETC, or if you drive by mistake, the queue time will be a little longer. Therefore, in the provinces outside Hainan Island, you usually don't get on the expressway or get off the expressway. If you can drive farther, you should drive as far as possible. In case of long-distance driving, you should choose the middle city to get off the expressway and find a place to stay.

After I arrived in Guangdong, I obviously felt the strong economic vitality, and I felt different from Hainan from the service area on the expressway. In the high-speed service area of Hainan, most of them only provide simple catering, shopping and refueling services, but in the service area of Guangdong, I feel that there are extremely rich catering categories, and there are also rich snacks and other supplies in the supermarket.

Driving the expressway in Guangdong, I feel that time flies quickly. I drive about 200 kilometers on average and have a rest for a while. In 12 hours all day, I drove to Fujian Province. In the process of returning, we will also take a long-distance expressway first, find a hotel near haian port Wharf in Zhanjiang, and take a cross-sea ferry during the day the next day. Similarly, we will wait for about 1 hour, and the boat will take 2 hours to reach Haikou in about 3 hours. It is suggested that when you buy tickets, you should choose Haikou xiuying port Pier to arrive. If the destination is Hainan West Line, you should choose Haikou Xinhai Port Pier to arrive.

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