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Jiang Ge scooter price (Jiang Ge scooter 150 quotation)

In April, I participated in Peugeot Jiang Ge motorcycle riding in Hainan. Let me share with you what kind of experience it is to ride around Jiang Ge!

[There is no brand participation in the graphic content of this issue, so you can watch it with confidence]

[Jiang Ge test drive experience]

The starting point of this activity is Wanning City, and the hard dish is island riding!

Peugeot Jiang Ge is the main means of transportation and an important shooting prop for our trip to the island. One scene at a time is very good!

Compared with the 22 models, the 23 models in Jiang Ge have adjusted the details of appearance and decoration: new color matching, new net and new LOGO, and the front face of the whole car looks more expensive ~

The chrome-plated mesh of the exterior parts is more eye-catching, and the new Peugeot lion head shape and the logo of Peugeot automobile department are used at the same time; The logo is consistent.

There is nothing wrong with the shape, and the price is 2.28W W. Compared with VESPA, which locates retro pedals, it is indeed a cheap alternative.

There is no change in configuration, and it is still a single ABS engine with a maximum horsepower of 12Ps and a single-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine.

This car has made great efforts in appearance, and it is doomed not to be born for performance.

150cc power is very suitable for commuting, shopping, and having a small camp to take pictures on weekends will definitely gain 100+ likes from friends ~

The car I borrowed belongs to a local cyclist. It is an old Jiang Ge. Let me show you the shape and sitting height.

Dark green paint water, bright and unique, the appearance is really beautiful, and this LV custom cushion makes the whole car look more expensive.

The front and rear integrated super-wide cushion is full of stuffing, so it is thick and soft to sit on, and the sitting posture is quite suitable.

I was 170cm tall that day, and I was riding very freely, but because of the extra-wide cushion, I did feel a little stuck when I got off my feet.

//The shooting speed of the fixed position on the closed road section is not fast. It only shows the sitting posture. Do you still need to wear protective gear when riding?//

Look at the driver's perspective—

The instrument is LCD small blue screen+pointer, which is not enough to see in 2W yuan. Basically, all the instruments in this price range are TFT color instruments.

When it's not lit, it's full of retro feeling. There's nothing to say here. Just put a picture for everyone and bring it ~

The illumination of the lamps is also good, and our cycling photos around the island that day can be used for reference.

Let's talk about the three major parts of the 23rd edition of Jiang Ge: engine, shock absorption and brakes.

Jiang Ge's positioning is leisure travel, so the output adjustment of the 23 single-cylinder water-cooled engines is smooth, and I think the braking and shock absorption will be soft.

But in fact, it is not: the braking force is very brittle and neat, almost without thinking;

The front and rear shock absorption is not the kind of soft-footed shrimp. If it is divided into high school and low school from strong to weak, this shock absorption should be considered as above average and just right support. The car passing through the pit will not swing badly, especially when cornering, which will give some confidence. The set-up is very suitable for this kind of island leisure riding.

With the ABS, even in rainy days, the braking effect is quite confident.

In island travel, the pedal is quite advantageous. You don't need to pinch the clutch or shift gears. Just ride it, so you can enjoy the scenery during the ride more easily and feel that the atmosphere of this city will get into your pores faster.

[Feeling of riding around the island]

In fact, I seldom write painful words. Hahahaha is more rational, but this trip is really very happy. Everyone I met is sincere and writes a short melodramatic copy:

Peugeot Island Cycling brings strangers from different cities together here.

We may have different careers,

Have a different life plan

But at the moment,

We rode motorcycles together.

We feel the salty and wet sea together.

Feel the wind blowing across your cheeks

Watching fireworks rise, fall and dissipate.

Really feel this same freedom in the sound of the waves.

Motorcycle, for me, is not only a means of transportation, but also a way of life. It is free and easy, free and brave, and is not influenced by public opinion.

Welcome to join us!

That's all about Peugeot's trip to Hainan. Let's meet again next time and have a good bye ~

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