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Has Tiguan L reduced its price (has Tiguan L reduced its price now)

SAIC Motor Corporation LimitedVolkswagen tiguan lIn the past era, the product was positioned as a compact SUV. Since the new generation of Tiguan went on the market, its size evolution has made it jump to the level of medium-sized sport utility vehicles. The competitors at this level areHonda crown RoadToyota HighlanderandBuick AngkeweiPlus other models, and these models are very competitive, which is one of the reasons why Tiguan L suddenly cut prices in 2022, and it is a helpless operation of exchanging price for quantity.

So today Xiaobian will talk to you about how Tiguan L is worth buying. Let's talk about advantages first:

1. The five-seat version has ample space.

 Taking myself as an example, the head space is about one punch after the main driver is adjusted to the lowest level. Then keep the main driving position different, and adjust the second row to the back, the leg space is about 2 fists at most, and the head space is about four fingers. If there are no more than five people in the car, the space is still very spacious.

2. The trunk space is large enough.

The storage capacity of Tiguan L is still good. The minimum volume of the trunk is 173 liters, which is just enough to fit two boarding boxes. When the third row is laid down and the second and third rows are laid down at the same time, the volume of the trunk can be expanded to 495 liters and 1780 liters respectively, and the loading space formed after being laid down is very regular, and at this time, the sunshade curtain of the trunk that gets in the way can also be hidden under the floor. There are also large and small storage compartments in the cockpit, and all kinds of objects can be found in suitable places for daily travel.

3. The gearbox performed well.

The dual-clutch gearbox has basically got rid of the impression of early frustration. Even in low-speed sections, the shifting performance of the gearbox is still stable, and the upshift is also a positive response when it continues to accelerate.

4. The chassis performance conforms to the positioning.

Suspension structure is the mainstream of the frontMcpherson+HouMulti-linkIn the combined form, the vibration damping system can filter out most of the small bumps, and can also pull the car body in time when passing through the abrupt and undulating road surface, reducing the discomfort of passengers. Of course, in addition to comfort, Tiguan L also provides some driving pleasure considering the needs of drivers. The shock absorber can also support the car body well in corners and long-wave sections, and the attitude control is excellent.

5. The steering wheel rotates easily.

The electric power steering wheel is still that kind of light hand feeling, even if it is reversing into the warehouse at a low speed, it will not bring too much power burden to the female driver. Although the body's response to the small rotation angle of the steering wheel is not so keen during daily travel, it can respond in time when it rotates greatly, and it is more suitable to drive it in a relaxed attitude as a whole.

Let's talk about its shortcomings:

1. The third row of the seven-seat version is short of space.

If there are six or seven people in the car, even if the second row of seats is adjusted to the front, the leg space in the third row is about 1 punch +2 fingers at most, but at this time wefindThe head space is limited, and the back of the head is basically not on the headrest. in additioncushionThe position is very low, the filler inside is thin, and the sitting feeling is very hard. It is not suitable for adults to ride for a long time and can only be used temporarily.

2. There is still room for improvement in fuel economy.

The test vehicle is a 2.0T low-power version. In more than three and a half hours, we have traveled a total of 115km, covering ordinary roads, urban expressways and expressways, with an average speed of 31km/h.. In the end, the comprehensive fuel consumption we measured was about 9.52 liters per 100 kilometers, which was not good.

Summary: The configuration and spatial performance of SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L haven't changed much compared with the past. The comfort and convenience are complete and the spatial layout is very flexible. Of course, the third row of the seven-seat model is still very narrow, and it is more comfortable to ride within five people. Therefore, unless you just need the "seven-seat", we still recommend buying the five-seat model.

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