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Suzuki uy125t parameters (Suzuki uy125T parameters and price)

Jinan Suzuki Youyi UE125T finally announced the price. This model equipped with Suzuki super-core engine has also become another masterpiece after ulcerative gingivitis and UY. As UY's position in domestic pedal models of the same level is self-evident, how many models are copied from UY, and Haojue, Lifan and Qianjiang are not imitated. Then, if many riders have been unable to accept the price of UY and the appearance of ulcerative gingivitis, the emergence of User Experience has solved this problem.

Novel appearance design

Appearance has always been a matter of different opinions. Personally, I think the User Experience is better than ulcerative gingivitis and UY in design. The appearance of ulcerative gingivitis is too old-fashioned and no longer conforms to the aesthetics of most riders, while the overall design of User Experience is more coordinated and sporty in style. Having the same body size as ulcerative gingivitis with a length of 1900 x 685 x 1135mm may bring a lot of surprises to riders in daily use.

The design of User Experience in lamps is also beautiful. The running lights and brake lights all use LED lamps, and the daytime running lights extending downward from the upper and lower sides to the middle are particularly eye-catching. The brake lights also use 8 LEDs as the light source, but unfortunately, the headlights and turn signals still use halogen bulbs, perhaps considering the cost.

The most durable engine in its class.

Suzuki super-core engine, which combines ride comfort, economy and durability, can be said to be a "god" in its class. The actual displacement is 124.3 cubic centimeters, and the maximum power is 6.9 kW and 10.0 Nm.

Vehicle equipment

The User Experience adopts the tyre size of the top 12 and the back 10, and the main difference between the selling price of 8380 yuan and 8980 yuan is that the former adopts the front and rear drum brakes, while the latter adopts the equipment of the front disc and the rear drum.

The instrument still adopts the same traditional mechanical instrument as ulcerative gingivitis, and all the data show everything, which is also a way to control the cost.

There is an open storage space on the left and right sides of the driver's seat, as well as the design of a middle hook, and a universal serial bus charging interface is also provided. This design is somewhat similar to the old UY, which provides some convenience for the archiving of general small objects, but it is difficult to clean the interior because of the open design after long-term daily use.

Basic parameters of Jinan Suzuki UE125T

On the whole, the User Experience is still practical, and its positioning is very clear. The positioning between ulcerative gingivitis and UY also gives riders another choice. Personally, I think that the User Experience is still "point-to-point" in terms of daily transportation, so do you think that the User Experience can be as excellent as UY in the same level?

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