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How to solve the urgency of female urination on expressway (how to do it on expressway)

There are long and short highways, long ones can't run for hours, and short ones can't run for dozens of minutes. What should I do if someone urinates urgently on the highway? Especially girls, not only female drivers, but also female passengers. It's not that you can't stop at the highway, it's just too dangerous, even if you stop, where can you solve it? In fact, some people have long thought of it.

We male compatriots, as long as we use a mineral water bottle, we can "solve it on the spot." At most, a bigger pulse bottle is enough. Don't you see that there are often water bottles in the male driver's car? Do you think drinking water alone can be used to "fill water" after drinking it? Is this a joke? Of course not, some male compatriots who have done this have raised their hands! I didn't do it anyway, hey hey!

The problem of male drivers has been successfully solved, because the life of male compatriots is always more tenacious than that of women, so there is not so much stress. Female drivers, how can this group solve this problem? Look at the picture above, is there any enlightenment? Actually, there are tools for girls. Men don't pay attention to it because they are rough, but today's beautiful women can't help but pay attention. Especially those rich women in China.

I am embarrassed to see the male drivers here, but the female drivers can learn a trick. If they often run at high speed, they can leave some spare ones in the car. Someone in the car will inevitably be embarrassed, because if you want to take off your pants, it depends on the situation. If there is a gay man in the car, of course it will be in trouble! And pay attention to safety, don't get a car accident for this, you have to taste it.

Of course, you can park your car in the emergency lane if you want, remember to turn on the double flash, and then you have to climb the guardrail, otherwise you will be like this beautiful woman in the picture. In addition, it is also a fine to be caught climbing the guardrail, and it is best for someone in the wild to accompany you.

Have you ever thought about what is the most dangerous when driving? Of course, when the phone calls while driving, here is a trick that can make you answer the phone without leaving the road and the steering wheel. If you want to know, you can click "100,000 cars, which makes people feel like 500,000 cars" below.

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