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How do high-speed women solve the problem of urinating (how do women solve the urgency of urination on high-speed)

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I believe many netizens know that when it comes to holidays, the traffic jam at high speed is very serious. The traffic jam lasts for half an hour and the traffic jam lasts for one day, so many people would rather stay at home than go out on holidays. But there are also many friends who have to go out again. After all, there are five holidays in a year: New Year's Day, Qingming Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day. How can we not take this opportunity to go out? When it comes to traffic jams, what people are most afraid of is not waiting, but urgency. I believe that friends who have blocked cars will encounter this problem. Male drivers can usually solve it with an empty bottle. What should female drivers do?

First, we should do a good job in prevention. Because drinking water will speed up the frequency of going to the toilet, we should drink as little water as possible for 2-3 hours before driving on the expressway, and it is also best to eat fruits and other foods with sufficient water. Go to the toilet before going out, no matter whether it's urgent or not. This can prolong the time of wanting to go to the toilet, and it doesn't affect the traffic jam for several hours. It can be solved when we arrive at the expressway service station.

Secondly, some netizens said that if you are in a traffic jam and it is inconvenient to get off the bus, you can eat some dry food. If it is too dry, you can eat a little water, which can also slightly delay the need to go to the toilet.

Third, female drivers can prepare a urine bag in advance before high speed. After all, holding urine is harmful to health. If it is inconvenient to buy in life, there are disposable urine bags on the Internet. Although some people feel embarrassed or have no image in this way, it is also a good way when they are really in a panic.

Fourth, get off the bus directly. This way can be said to be really simple, direct and rude. In general, when the traffic jam at high speed is serious, the driver will open the door to let everyone breathe a little air. At this time, it is also possible to get off the bus and find a hidden place to solve it, or let three or two friends help cover it.

Fifth, wear diapers. Although this seems to be a bit of a fuss, female driver friends who know in advance that the traffic jam on the expressway is serious can still wear it in advance, just in case.

Do you have any good suggestions and solutions to the problem of female drivers' urgency in high-speed traffic jams?

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