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Electric Horse New Energy Vehicle Interior Picture Collection (Electric Vehicle Interior Picture)

Recently, Ford's brand-new Mustang Mach -E has started booking in the US market and confirmed the specific price of the new car. The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach -E starts at $44,995, while the high-performance Ford Mustang Mach -E gas turbine costs $69,095. The new car provides a new body color scheme and upgrades the vehicle's power system.

In terms of appearance, the overall shape of Ford's brand-new Mustang Mach -E is basically the same as that of the current model, but the new car provides a brand-new ice and white color scheme with the front mustang logo; The logo is also in ice and white color, and the underbody is also equipped with a new style of 19-inch wheels, with a letter logo in front of the door to highlight its identity. In addition, the high-profile model also adds an ice blue metal color scheme. In the interior, the car is mainly black and white, and the steering wheel, dashboard, doors, central armrests and seats are also equipped with Mustang LOGO, and the rest are basically the same as the current models.

In the power part, Ford's brand-new Mustang Mach -E has increased the battery capacity of all models. The battery capacity of the standard version of the model has increased to 70 kWh, while the battery capacity of the long-life version of the model has increased to 91 kWh. At present, the official has not disclosed how much the cruising range will increase, but according to informed sources, the cruising range of the new car is expected to increase by up to 16 kilometers.

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