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How is the mini-barrel maker (what is the price-performance ratio of the mini-barrel maker)

When it comes to mini, the first impression is that it is a car specially made for women, but on the street, you will find that there are quite a few gentlemen driving mini-cars. This is not your illusion. I made a simple survey among my friends around me. 50% of male friends have a good impression on mini-cars, and several people are even owners of mini-cars. As for the female friends I surveyed, even more than 90% have a good impression on mini-cars regardless of financial resources. Then at this time, some people should question what magic the mini-car has, and it can be eaten by both men and women. Today, we will try to find the answer by driving the mini Cooper artist.

Today, I got the Mini Cooper Artist Five-door Edition, and the guide price is 248,300. Of course, you can basically use the guide price as a reference, because there are too many things to choose from in this car. At that time, when I took the car, I could actually choose the three-door version, but I was more family-oriented, and I always felt that the five-door version was more in line with the aesthetic needs of our male consumers in China, and the three-door version might be more suitable for the aesthetic needs of women. Of course, this is only my personal speculation.

In fact, there is no doubt about the recognition of the face value of the mini-car. The black oval decorative strip with round lights forms a smiling face-like front face design, which is cute and cute. Headlights are designed in a blackened way, with a touch of handsomeness. Headlight light source is full LED, so you can find it in the street at a glance, whether it is day or night.

On the side of the car body, similar to a mini car, it is particularly important to match the proportion of the car body with the wheel hub. If it is handled properly, it is exquisite, and if it is not handled properly, it is stingy with the mini Cooper. The artist's five-door version of the 17-inch wheel hub is not bad with the whole body. If it is Cooper's 18-inch wheel hub, the visual impact will be stronger. When I test drive other models, I usually experience the body size and spatial performance as an important product force. Strangely speaking, the body length of the Mini Cooper Artist Five-door Edition is 3993mm, but I have never worried about its internal space. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that the internal space of the Mini Cooper Artist Five-door Edition is very good, but when you go on a blind date with a princess, will you worry about whether she can cook?

At the rear of the car, the tail light of the miter flag is the iconic design of the mini car, and the recognition is good. The rear bumper adopts a brand-new design. In addition, the overall tail of the mini Cooper artist five-door version is relatively simple, without too many design elements.

Inside the car, the mini-family interior design is still so familiar, and the 5-inch full LCD instrument panel +8.8-inch central control LCD screen adds a little sense of technology to the whole interior. And the car system supports CarPlay, CarLife, car networking and voice recognition control functions. For the mini Cooper artist five-door car system, don't look at it from the perspective of the new energy era. It is just an ornament of the car interior, not the core. But to my surprise, I can remotely control the car lock, air conditioner and headlights through the mini-app, and vehicle information such as fuel quantity and mileage can also be seen through the mobile phone app, which is a step forward with the times.

In the interior, the mini Cooper artist's five-door steering wheel is worth talking about. It is wrapped in Napa leather, and the texture is really good. The steering wheel is moderate in size and has a good grip. Touching this steering wheel will really make you want to drive. From the steering wheel, I understand the good feelings of so many male friends around me about mini-car brands. In addition to the steering wheel, I personally prefer the physical buttons below the central control LCD screen, which is very primitive and pure.

When it comes to purity, the mechanical brake should make you dream back 10 years ago, but the electronic lever brings you back to reality, Mini Cooper. This is the feeling of the whole interior of the artist's five-door version. After a simple experience, I even like this interior a little.

In terms of seats, let's talk about the advantages first. The mini Cooper Artist's five-door front seat is a sports seat, which has a good overall package and is made of 100% recyclable materials. The disadvantage is that the configuration is relatively simple, the main driver and the co-driver have no electric adjustment, and there is no configuration such as heating and ventilation. However, the seat material and heating function can be upgraded by option. In terms of space, although it is a five-door version, the performance of the rear space is still relatively average, and the comfort of adults in the rear long-distance ride is not good. However, as I said earlier, you have high hopes for the space of mini-cars, and you obviously made a mistake.

However, the trunk space of Mini Cooper Artist's Five-door Edition is somewhat unexpected. Under normal conditions, the trunk space of Mini Cooper Artist's Five-door Edition is 278L, and the design of the groove is also convenient for placing large items such as suitcases. However, if the rear seats are put down in proportion, a space of 941L can be formed. Although the overall space is not flat, this car is really not positioned for home use, so it is very good to be able to respond to emergencies.

If the face value and design are the aspects that impress girls with mini-cars, then male users are of course more concerned about mini-Cooper in driving. The artist's five-door version is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 136 HP and a maximum torque of 220 Nm, which matches the seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The power parameters are not bright in this era, but the matching is not big. The official zero-acceleration score has reached 8.3 seconds.

Of course, the most attractive thing about the mini is that it is not an acceleration machine, and its excellent mechanical quality is the reason why many male users become its fans. I know that Che Di has tested the milu deer test score of Mini Cooper Classic School, and its passing score reaches 77.5 km/h. As a comparison, the score of Audi A3, who is also familiar with Che Di's test, is 74.9 km/h, and the score of Mercedes-Benz A-class is 69.8 km/h. Although the body size and wheelbase of Mini Cooper Artist Five-door Edition have become longer, during my short test drive, the supporting performance of the chassis is still excellent, and the road feeling feedback is also very clear. It can be regarded as a car with great driving pleasure. Of course, it may be slightly hard for female users. You can choose to spend 4000 yuan to choose a variable suspension, which will improve a lot.

Compared with the basic product strength, I think consumers who are interested in mini-cars but don't know much about them should want to know how many colors are available, which configurations can be installed, and what policies are there for buying cars. Today, let's take this mini Cooper Artist's Five-door Edition we got as a one-time explanation. First of all, the mini Cooper Artist's Five-door Edition has 14 exterior colors to choose from and three interior colors to choose from. In terms of optional configuration, the first one is a parking suit, which includes front and rear reversing radar, reversing images and automatic parking assistance. The optional price is 6000 yuan. I suggest that female drivers choose this suit, or it is more difficult to park. The second is a warm suit, including steering wheel heating and front seat heating. The optional price is 5,000 yuan. Personally, I think it is optional. The third is a waiting interface, and the optional price is 1,500 yuan. There are also three separate items, 4000 yuan suspension soft and hard adjustment, 8000 yuan leather seat and 7500 yuan Harman Kardon stereo. As for the car purchase policy, everyone knows that the purchase tax will be halved. Secondly, I think the more valuable one is the maintenance package of 1,299 yuan for four years and 60,000 kilometers, which is relatively cost-effective.

After a brief understanding of the Mini Cooper Artist's Five-door Edition, it will be found that it is unnecessary to talk about the product strength such as configuration and space for this car. Yan value is the key point for it to capture most female users, while excellent handling has made many male users become its fans, which is also the key for mini cars to occupy a place at this level for so many years. As for whether this car is worth buying, close to the price of 250 thousand, you have a lot of cars with more space and stronger performance to choose from, but how can people who really like mini-cars not know what they want?

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