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Yamaha Qiaoge motorcycle (how about Yamaha Qiaoge motorcycle)

Jogging, Xiao Lei thinks this is a model that grew up with old motorcycle friends in China. The "Two Rush Jogging 50", which once boasted a sense of movement, is the memory of many people's youth. Today, the displacement of EFI jogging has risen to 125ml, which is still smart, easy to control and stable and reliable in quality.

Today, Yamaha Qiaoge upgraded me again, and the new jogging i Plus was officially released, with a price of 8380 yuan.

And launched six fashionable color schemes to provide consumers with different choices of colorful colors.

The new style is clever and elegant, keeping the former sense of simplicity in appearance, retaining the "Y" face, and the rounded LED headlights have a more fashionable atmosphere, which makes the whole car look softer. Although there is less "murderous", it has a more modern and retro taste, which is more in line with the current public aesthetics.

Then, in terms of configuration, the new Qiaoge I plus Contrast Qiaoge I have more sense of science and technology, and the convenience is also designed more comprehensively. For example, the LED headlights with better illumination are adopted, and the instrument is also upgraded to a more modern LCD instrument. In terms of functionality, not only the 12V cigarette lighter plug with high practicality is upgraded, but also the front and rear shock absorption is lengthened, and there are lightweight aluminum alloy wheels. In terms of power, Yamaha is still mature, durable, efficient and fuel-efficient nuclear power generation.

Although the selling price has increased slightly, Qiaoge Wojia not only improves the configuration, but also adapts to the current trend of pedal consumption. Are you optimistic about Qiaoge Wojia?

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