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How to remove the air conditioner in the back of Accord (how to remove the air conditioner cover in the back of Accord)

Learn to change the air-conditioning filter yourself and spend less money. If you change it in a 4S shop, the spare parts fee will earn you a sum, and it will be even more expensive to charge the working hours for a simple job like replacing the filter. Changing the air-conditioning filter yourself will not only save money but also be more convenient. As for the replacement cycle, although the manufacturer suggested that the air-conditioning filter should be replaced every 20,000 kilometers in the maintenance manual, everyone's car environment is different, so it is wiser to choose the replacement time according to their own car environment and the use of the filter, which not only avoids excessive waste of resources, but also creates a better car experience for themselves.

The first phase teaches you to change the filter model and choose three popular mid-level cars, namely

Camry, Accord, Mai Rui Bao XL

. You don't need the help of other tools during the operation, and you can do it by hand all the time.

According to the convenience of replacing the filter, let's take a look at the replacement steps of Camry.

Among the three models, Camry has the least operation steps. First, open the glove box and take out all the contents, and then you can follow the steps in the above picture.

Followed by the Accord, the operation steps of the Accord are relatively conventional, but each link is not difficult, the structure is simple, and the cover plate is marked with the position of the tenon.

On the online shopping platform, if the price of Bosch brand air-conditioning filter element is around 54 yuan, if calculated according to the freight 10 yuan, the available price is around 64 yuan, which is much lower than the cost of 100-200 yuan given by 4S shop.

When preparing to install a new air conditioning filter, please remember that the filter is divided into front and back, and it will be marked on the filter. Mainly because the order of filtration is from coarse to fine. If it is accidentally installed backwards, the filtering effect will be discounted, and secondly, the service life of the filter element will be affected.

Next, look at the operation process of Mai Rui Bao. The whole operation steps are relatively routine, but the way of opening the cover plate of the filter element is somewhat unsatisfactory, which takes up some operating space of the hand.

Accord's air-conditioning filter is not expensive on the online shopping platform. According to different brands, the price of different materials varies, but the overall price is equivalent to half or even less than half of the price of 4S stores.

The cover plate of the filter element adopts the flip design. The advantage is that it does not need to be tenoned in a narrow space during installation, but the inconvenience is that the cover plate folded down takes up some operation space.

The price of air-conditioning filter element of Mai Rui Bao XL is also kept at 50-70 yuan, which is much cheaper than the price quoted by 4S shop.

What are the advantages of replacing the air conditioning filter by yourself?

After learning this skill, whether the air-conditioning filter element has reached its life cycle or has not yet reached the point where it needs to be replaced, you can take it out and simply clean up some foreign objects entrained in it, such as dried leaves or poplar catkins in Beijing.


The three cars are replaced in roughly the same way, and the Camry is superior in the convenience of operation. Generally speaking, they are all models that don't bother. Special attention should be paid to the following points: 1. The old filter element should not be blown by a high-pressure air gun, so it can continue to be used. In light of this, the filtering effect will be reduced, and in heavy cases, the unfiltered foreign matter will be sucked into the blower, resulting in unnecessary losses, and things worth tens of dollars should be replaced. 2. When installing, the filter element is divided into front and back. A simpler and more intuitive method is to teach you that the filter element is positive in most cases, no matter whether it is in English or Chinese. 3. When opening the glove box cover, remember to disconnect the damping lever from the box body to avoid damage to the damping lever caused by excessive force.

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