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How many megabytes of mobile broadband is 100 meters (what does 100 megabytes of mobile broadband mean? How long can it last?)

Why is my 100-meter fiber-optic broadband download speed only a few megabytes? In fact, people who know a little bit know that we need to know the relationship between the concepts mentioned by several operators and the actual download speed, so Brother Plumbing will explain it to you.

What exactly is the 100-meter operator talking about?

To know the direct relationship between broadband and download speed, we need to know the concepts mentioned by several operators and the unit concept of actual download speed.

For example, the complete unit of the 100-meter broadband owned by the operator is 100Mbps, and the computer download speed we are talking about is MB. Therefore, the 100-meter broadband speed does not mean that the download speed is 100 MB/ s, but it needs to be converted according to the formula, which is as follows:


128 kb/ s

That is to say, the download speed of 1M broadband is about 128kb/s, which means that theoretically, 128k of content can be downloaded in one second. At present, the things downloaded from the Internet are basically bachelor of medicine and gigabytes, with 1GB=1024Mb and 1MB=1024kb.

It is not difficult to calculate that the download speed of 100m broadband is 128kb/s * 100 = 12800kb/s.

Therefore, the theoretical download speed of 100-meter broadband is 12,800 kilobytes/second, that is, 12.8 megabytes/second, that is, theoretically, about 12.8 meters of content can be downloaded in one second.

Now that we all know that the theoretical download speed of 100 meters is 12.8 meters per second, can you download everything at a speed of 12.8 meters?

of course


There are also the following factors that will affect your speed.

Download server

For example, if you download something on a website, the broadband of this website server is only 2M. Even if your broadband is 100m or 200m, your broadband will be even higher due to the speed limit of the download server. When downloading, it will be impossible to download at a high speed due to the insufficient bandwidth of the website server itself. Therefore, to test the broadband download speed, it is necessary to try more websites or go to some well-known big websites to download. Generally, the broadband of big websites is sufficient, reaching tens of megabytes or hundreds of megabytes, and the server will not become a broadband bottleneck.

Multi-person sharing

Many apartments or rented houses use hundreds of shared broadband, with complicated lines, unreasonable wiring and poor network cable quality. Although it is said to be 100 meters broadband, it is also very easy to drop the line during the peak period. For example, there are two or three hundred people in an apartment, and the broadband is 200 meters. However, if all users access the broadband, the average speed of one person may be less than 1M, and when there are fewer people surfing the Internet in the early hours of the morning, the speed can reach dozens of megabytes. This is the disadvantage of sharing broadband by many people, and it will get stuck in the peak period.

In terms of geographical factors

There are three main domestic operators: China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. If you are in Beijing and belong to telecom broadband, and the downloaded resource server is located in Guangdong and the mobile/China Unicom is wide, the download speed will be obviously discounted due to the fact that interoperability between different operators is not the best factor. Therefore, it is best to choose a node close to your own area and download with the same operator line to obtain the best speed.

In terms of network equipment

Any bottleneck of network cable, router and network card will affect your download speed.


If your broadband is 200M


But your network cable is just an ordinary five-class network cable, and your network cable can only transmit data below 100M per second, so your download speed will also be affected.

By the same token, if your computer is an old 100-megabit network card, it can only transmit data below 100M per second, which will also affect your transmission speed.

The same is true for routers. If the port of the router is 100 megabytes, it can only transmit data below 100 meters per second. For wireless routers, if you don't support gigabit wireless transmission, it will also affect your download speed.

In a word, even if there is a bottleneck in any link in the network transmission process, it will not reach the theoretical speed.

The solution is to get rid of all the bottlenecks, such as replacing the network cable with category 6 or super category 6 cable, replacing the wired 100-megabit network card with gigabit network card, replacing the router with gigabit routing and wireless gigabit routing, and replacing the ordinary optical cat with gigabit optical cat.

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