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As the car with the highest sales volume in the current market, Nissan Sylphy has successfully attracted a large number of Japanese car enthusiasts through the sales of classic models and new generation models. Generally speaking, the brands of mainstream Japanese cars have great influence and small terminal concessions, while Nissan is an alternative among these brands, attracting consumers through high discounts, similar to the practice of Korean cars in earlier years. In Nissan's publicity, the combination of naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox is a mature and stable choice. In fact, it is not. The later maintenance of CVT is more complicated and costly than AT and dual clutch. Today, our car detective will analyze the problems of Nissan Sylphy in detail through the complaints from the car quality network.

The gearbox is frustrated and abnormal.

One of the most serious problems is abnormal noise and frustration of gearbox. According to complaints from different owners, abnormal noise of gearbox has seriously affected the use. I hope the manufacturer can extend the warranty or repair it free of charge. If the warranty time or mileage limit is exceeded, the manufacturer is not responsible for the warranty. Then why is there such a high failure rate of the daily difference Sylphy CVT gearbox? And the abnormal sound is the most common. You should know that the slogan of CVT is smooth and fuel-efficient.

Compared with the mature manual gearbox or AT automatic gearbox, the large-scale use history of CVT in production vehicles is not long. The main reason is not that CVT is complicated and expensive, but that CVT lacks reliability when combined with any large-displacement engine, that is, it is not suitable for engines with large torque. If CVT is to be durable, it must be matched with engines with low horsepower. Generally speaking, the torque of naturally aspirated engines is smaller than that of turbocharged engines with the same displacement, which is the main reason why Japanese cars like to use CVT.

Compared with ordinary gearboxes, Nissan Sylphy's CVT has no gears. Using two tapered pulleys, one pulley is connected to the engine, the other pulley is connected to the wheel, and the transmission ratio is changed by changing the position of the steel belt on the pulley. The principle is similar to that of the transmission of a variable-speed bicycle. If the belt/steel belt is stretched excessively, the gearbox will sound abnormal, stumble, slip or fail to accelerate. In addition, the push piece on the steel belt will rub against the tapered wheel for a long time, which will also cause slipping. As far as Nissan's Jatco Jetco gearbox is concerned, the quality is poor, the wear is fast, and there are many problems. Although the manufacturing cost of CVT is low for Nissan, the gearbox can only be replaced. Compared with AT gearbox, the later maintenance cost of CVT is higher for users.

Flameout problem

In addition to abnormal sound and frustration of gearbox, the second highest complaint rate is engine flameout. According to complaints from different car owners, the main problem is that it is difficult to start when waiting for traffic lights. From the forum, we can find that many car owners have the same problem. Like the classic models, the new generation models have not upgraded their engines, and Japanese cars focus on stability and usually do not use new technologies. So what caused the frequent flameout? Some car owners have not found out the reason in the 4S shop.

According to the owner's experience feedback, turning off the automatic start-stop after getting on the bus will eliminate the flameout phenomenon, so it is most likely the problem of Nissan's automatic start-stop design. Generally speaking, when an automatic car with automatic start-stop brakes deeply, the vehicle stops, and the engine will automatically turn off immediately after releasing the brakes. However, Sylphy can only turn off the automatic start-stop when it is completely turned off. For an automatic start-stop vehicle with air-to-ground missiles, the failed design makes consumers spend more money on buying high-speed cars.

Central control panel black screen and blue screen

The third problem of Sylphy is that many car owners' central control panels are blank for no reason, or blue screen of death appears, which is very inconvenient for car owners who need navigation or reversing images. For new cars, such problems should have been replaced free of charge by the 4S shop, but we saw a complaint of a 2020 model that the 4S shop did not replace spare parts, which is enough to show that Nissan's later maintenance service was not good.

Although the sales of Nissan Sylphy are very high, most of them are attributed to the classic Sylphy. The starting price of this car is 85,800 yuan, which is mainly in the low-end market. The new Sylphy has higher engine power and is more fashionable in appearance and interior design. So can Nissan keep up with the quality of after-sales service after selling so many Sylphy? From the perspective of black screen replacement, we should put a big question mark.

Car detective's point of view

As the most serious problem, the abnormal sound of gearbox is not handled by Nissan in time. If it can match the automatic gearbox with higher cost, Nissan's competitiveness will be greatly improved. The problems of automatic start-stop and flameout and the black screen of the central control panel are all design defects of accessories. Nissan should improve the new model to avoid this kind of situation. If it is within the warranty period, it should be repaired in time. Do you know what other problems Nissan Sylphy has? The media and users have raised many questions about Nissan Sylphy. Will Nissan Sylphy be on the list at the 3.15 party? Welcome to discuss.

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