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Great Wall Tantok 500 grams off-road price 4S shop (Great Wall Tantok 500 city edition price)

Recently, Great Wall Motor announced the official picture of Tank 500, which is the second model of the tank brand, which was previously rumored as Tank 600. Like the tank 300, the tank 500 is also positioned in the hard-core sport utility vehicle market, with more emphasis on road performance. According to the plan, it will be the first choice in the world at Chengdu Auto Show.

Tank 500 comes from the tank platform of Great Wall Motor and adopts non-loaded body design. Like Tank 300, it still adopts hard-core design, which is somewhat similar to the previous generation Toyota Land Cruiser in overall style, but it is not completely copied. In the front design, we can also see some shadows of the Great Wall Gun. In terms of body size, it has been reported that the length, width and height of the tank 500 are 5070 mm, 1934 mm and 1905 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2850mm, which is very close to the previous generation Land Cruiser's 5095 mm, 1975 mm, 1930 mm and 2850 mm..

In terms of power system, the first released tank 500 adopts the combination of 3.0T engine and 9-speed automatic gearbox. Today, with the engine displacement getting smaller and smaller, a V6 engine is really attractive. In addition to this high-end product, Kitten expects that the tank 500 will also have a 2.0T model to lower the price threshold and enhance competitiveness. According to the previous data, the maximum power of the tank 500 3.0T model is 260 kW and the maximum torque is 500 nm, reaching the mainstream level of the same level products. The 9AT gearbox is independently developed by Great Wall, with the maximum bearing torque of 750 nm and the maximum transmission efficiency exceeding 96%.

In terms of configuration, although there are not many official news releases at present, the tank 500 will not be lower than the Haval H9 and the tank 300 in terms of vehicle positioning and basically, and the front, middle and rear three differential locks, CCO low-speed off-road cruise and tank turning will all appear on it. As for the four-wheel drive system, the kitten thinks that it may adopt the same timely four-wheel drive system as Haval H9.

How much the tank 500 will sell is a concern of many consumers. From the product positioning point of view, it is higher than Haval H9, whose price range is 20.98 ~ 272,800 yuan. All models are equipped with 2.0T engine and ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. The price range of Hongqi HS7, another domestic luxury medium and large sport utility vehicle with high attention, starts from 275,800 yuan, and its entry-level model is equipped with a 2.0T engine. Considering various factors, Kitten expects the starting price of the tank 500 3.0T model to be 279,800 yuan, which is slightly higher than the top version of Haval H9. If a 2.0T model is added in the future, its price threshold may drop to about 240,000 yuan.

Kitten Heart Blue View:

As a medium and large hard-core SUV, the tank 500 is larger than the Haval H9, which makes it have better ride comfort. The power combination of 3.0T engine and +9AT gearbox is also worth looking forward to. Judging from the performance of Haval H9, Kitten thinks that the average monthly sales of tank 500 is expected to reach 1,000. Compared with Toyota Highlander, Volkswagen Lanjing and other joint venture models with the same price, better passability and higher cost performance will become the core advantages of tank 500; Its target customers are not only cross-country players, but also go on road trip enthusiasts.

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