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Sharp fuel consumption report (sharp fuel consumption report bear)

This year, I found that the content of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher on the expressway of returning home in Spring Festival travel rush, but unlike the common scenes in first-tier cities, most of the new energy vehicles are mainly hybrid vehicles on the expressway of returning home. I have to say that for the use of multiple scenes, hybrid vehicles are more abundant than electric vehicles. So at present, most car companies will not give up the development of hybrid models. Just like not long ago, Ford launched a new hybrid system, and this hybrid will be carried on the Ford Sharp L model for the first time.

With this new hybrid system, the fuel consumption of Sharp L is only 6.31 liters per 100 kilometers under WLTC working conditions, and the battery life with a tank of oil can exceed 1,000 kilometers. Although the fuel consumption is so low, it only takes 7.1 seconds for this 5-meter-long seven-seat sports utility vehicle to accelerate at zero speed, and it is very important that this engine only needs to be filled with 92 # gasoline. How is this done? Let's take a look at Ford, a brand-new hybrid system.

In Ford's new hybrid system, the engine uses a 2.0L turbocharged engine. This engine is Ford's 5th generation 2.0T EcoBoost, with a rated power of 202kW and a maximum torque of 405nm, which is a very good performance on the 2.0T engine. You know, it is not a little higher than the 2.5L naturally aspirated engine that Toyota is equipped with in Camry.

On the technology of the 5th generation 2.0T eco-supercharged engine, it is equipped with a dual injection system, which combines the advantages of manifold injection and in-cylinder direct injection, in which the in-cylinder direct injection reaches a high pressure of 350 bar. At the same time, this engine also adopts a double scroll turbocharger, which enables the turbine to quickly and accurately adjust the speed of the supercharger under all working conditions and accurately control the intake air of the engine. In addition, the use of the built-in OCV and VCT control valves can effectively improve the intake and exhaust, NVH performance and response speed, and can easily cope with the current stringent national emission standard B. The exhaust gas recirculation system is integrated into the cylinder head assembly on this new engine, which makes it less mentioned and more compact.

Although we have not obtained the BFSC diagram of the new engine at present, it is not difficult to see from the final fuel consumption performance of 6.31L/100km that the thermal efficiency of this engine is not low. Compared with Ford's earlier engine, it has made great progress in energy consumption.

Of course, to achieve this level of energy consumption is inseparable from this new hybrid system. As can be seen from the official introduction of Ford, this hybrid system adopts the power shunting hybrid technology based on planetary gears, and the engine and generator are coupled through a planetary gear mechanism, so as to realize power shunting at the power input end. From this point of view, it is not difficult to find that this hybrid transmission adopts the same hybrid technology route as Toyota THS, and the structure on this hybrid transmission is undoubtedly the same. This hybrid system is high in maturity and reliability, and this structure has excellent ride comfort.

The whole system is mainly composed of planetary gear set, double motors and motor controller assembly, among which the core is the planetary gear set shown below.

We might as well have a brief understanding of the role of planetary gear sets in hybrid systems:

All parts of the planetary gears have their own division of labor. First, the No.2 motor is connected with the outer gear ring, and the No.2 motor is mainly responsible for driving the vehicle. It can also be understood that the outer gear ring and the No.2 motor are connected with the wheels.

Then there is the planetary carrier, which is connected with the engine. When the power of the engine is transmitted to the planetary carrier, it will drive the planetary gears, and then the power can be distributed to the outer gear ring and sun gear through the planetary gears.

Connected with sun gear is another motor in this hybrid system, referred to as No.1 motor for short. The function of this motor is not mainly to drive the vehicle, but more to adjust the engine speed.

By shunting and decoupling with this structure, several modes of vehicle, such as hybrid electric drive, pure electric drive, parking charging and kinetic energy recovery, can be finally realized. But the core of this hybrid system is that the engine is always controlled by this system to work in a very suitable working range. Although there are very complicated road conditions when we are driving, with the adjustment of the hybrid system and the appropriate assistance of the battery and motor, the engine can avoid working under the condition of poor thermal efficiency, and at the same time, it can recover the redundant energy of the engine and the kinetic energy of the vehicle when taxiing and braking. Therefore, the function of Toyota's system is to maximize the engine efficiency, which can also be simply understood as: the greater the efficiency range of the engine in the BSFC diagram and the higher the maximum thermal efficiency level, the lower the fuel consumption after matching this hybrid system.

At the same time, a very important link is that Ford's brand-new vehicle control system, video cystourethrography, will accurately calculate the optimal efficiency of the engine and motor, automatically match the optimal power output mode, and make the whole hybrid system always run in the optimal comprehensive efficiency range, thus achieving the balance between power and fuel consumption.

It is worth mentioning that Ford's brand-new hybrid system adopts high-efficiency and high-speed flat-wire motor. Compared with round-wire motor, flat-wire motor is more conducive to the slot full rate of motor. Generally, the slot full rate of round-wire motor is about 40%, while the slot full rate of flat-wire motor can reach more than 60%, which means that more copper wires can be arranged under the premise of unchanged space, resulting in stronger magnetic field strength and higher power density. This is also an important secret weapon for this seven-seat sports utility vehicle, which only takes 7.1 seconds to accelerate at zero speed.

This hybrid is equipped with a brand-new low-nickel NCM111 ternary lithium battery core, which has the advantages of low thermal diffusion risk, long service life and low cost, and at the same time, it is equipped with an integrated high-efficiency water cooling system to provide efficient heat dissipation performance for the battery. In the R&D testing stage, this battery has passed many rigorous tests exceeding national standards, such as overcharge, acupuncture, seawater immersion, salt spray, drop, high and low temperature impact, cycle life, etc., to ensure the normal and safe operation of the battery under extreme conditions.

Maybe many people are thinking, since Ford's hybrid gearbox has the same structure as Toyota's hybrid gearbox, is Sharp L similar to Highlander? As we said above, the power of the engine matched by Sharp L is much stronger, so the advantage in acceleration ability is more obvious, and the fuel consumption is unknown yet. We can see that the two brands have completely different application concepts under the same hardware, so to put it simply, this Sharp L is more inclined to power orientation, giving consideration to sports while saving energy. Ford Sharp has been enjoying a very good reputation in the market for so many years. It is worthy of recognition for a seven-seat sport utility vehicle in terms of chassis and handling, which also depends on Ford's technical accumulation for a hundred years. At the beginning, the only fuel consumption performance of this car in Sharp has been greatly improved with the new hybrid system. It can be said that under the blessing of the new hybrid system, the NVH, acceleration ability and fuel consumption level of Ford Sharp L have made considerable strides and are more competitive in the market.

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