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Dodge srt4 (Dodge SRT4 engine)

The speed series has always driven my desire to buy Lego, and this time I started with the Dodge suit. This setup includes two models, one is the classic muscle model 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A, and the other is the unconventional Mopar Dodge //SRT linear acceleration racing car.

First look at the box photo, the same as before, or the scene photo, speeding up the car and challenger in a straight line, one black and one purple.

There are not many bags, two bags as a group, two manuals and two stickers, which is a relatively simple car.

Not much to say, let's start with linear racing. What a long body.

Single seat, a little kayaking.

Sticking a sticker on the car door feels a bit cool.

Can the speed of an open cockpit reach the level of a fighter?

The front wheel is thin for steering flexibility. Put it together and enjoy it simply.

Next is the challenger. Or start with the chassis.

It's not difficult to spell, just look at the finished product directly.

Take a group photo.

Finally, sum up.

1. cost performance. This kind of suit is basically around 230+, of course, it may go below 200 during the activity.

2. difficulty. There is basically no difficulty, and it is good for children to fight together.

3. Play with sex. There is no pressure to push the car to walk, after all, there is no complexity of the mechanical group.

4. Degree of reduction. Challenger's muscle car is still very restored. The other car is too long and the original model has not been found.


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