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Fuel consumption of Xuanyi Forum (Xuanyi fuel consumption)

Today, the competition in the compact car market can't be overstated. After taking turns, some of them focus on sports, some focus on home use, and some focus on performance, but they are the sales champion Dongfeng Nissan.


In front of me, none can fight. This is not only due to its high cost performance, but also the economical later use cost.


For the vast majority of ordinary consumers, the power system may not need to be abundant, and poor road conditions cannot be extravagant for suspension adjustment, but I believe that fuel economy, maintenance costs, and stable quality are all characteristics that no one does not care about. Maintenance every 5000 kilometers is still a consistent standard in Japan, but fortunately, the cost is not high. Coupled with reasonable fuel consumption, this one has no obvious advantages and no obvious disadvantages.


Became the sales champion.

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