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Toyota VIOS New Car Quotation 2021 (Toyota VIOS New Car Quotation and Pictures)

Text: Understand the original Gao Shuaipeng of Che Di

A few days ago, Toyota officially released the new Iris Atif model. As a version of Yaris sedan, YARiS ATIV is also known as VIOS in different regions. It is reported that the car can provide three models to choose from in the Thai market, and the price range is 539,000 baht-674,000 baht, about 104,000 yuan-130,000 yuan.

New car features:

The middle and high models are equipped with two-color aluminum alloy rims.

Sports and sports premium add many appearance kits, such as black roof, front and rear enclosure, side skirts and so on.

In terms of appearance, the new YARiS ATIV Sport and sports premium models adopt a new bright black front grille, redesigned fog lamps and 15-inch aluminum alloy rims, and new black side skirts and black roofs are optional. The entry-level YARiS ATIV entrance is equipped with a steel rim and a plastic rim cover.

Leather wrapped steering wheel is one of the interior upgrades of new models.

The interior comes standard with all-black color matching, and red and black color matching is optional.

As for the interior, the main upgrade of the new Iris Atif lies in the replacement of a brand-new leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel. At the same time, the sports premium model can also be equipped with red and black interior.

The multimedia system is equipped with Apple CarPlay mobile phone interconnection.

In terms of power, the new Iris Atif is equipped with a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 92 HP and a peak torque of 109 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a continuously variable transmission stepless gearbox.

Intergenerational relations/competitors/market environment:

2021 VIOS 1.5 liter manual forward version

2021 Yaris Lake enjoys the leading version of 1.5 liter continuous variable transmission.

As a small sedan owned by Toyota, YARiS ATIV is the exclusive name of Toyota VIOS (automobile brand) in the Thai market, which can also be regarded as the Yaris sedan version. According to VIOS (automobile brand) model, the car has developed to the third generation, and the model released in Thailand this time can be regarded as the annual modified version. In the domestic market, the corresponding models of YARiS ATIV are VIOS and Yaris Lake, and their competitors are mainly Hyundai Acceptance. Referring to domestic sales in August, VIOS sold 4,227 vehicles, Yaris L enjoyed 976 vehicles and Hyundai Acceptance sold 2,232 vehicles.

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