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How about the fourth generation of Geely Emgrand's car-machine networking (the fourth generation of Emgrand mobile phone interconnection)

Hello, everyone, welcome to watch today's car chat with Dali. I'm your old driver, Dali, and it's time for Dali to chat with you again. Speaking of Geely Emgrand, it's also a hot-selling model of Geely in compact cars. Although the sales of hybrid models are average, the sales of fuel models are still optimistic, and the elite version of Emgrand continuous variable transmission that we are going to talk about today is also a mid-range model. So, what's the cost performance of this model? Let's talk about it today.

Fasten your seat belt, let's start ~

22 Geely emgrand 1.5L CVT elite models

22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT elite guide price is 77,900 yuan, positioning compact cars. In terms of appearance, the fourth-generation Emgrand adopts the latest family-style design, and the straight waterfall air intake grille design is surrounded by chrome trim strips, which is quite a bit of a small star, combined with a black logo; The logo and the rounder front face lines look slightly mature and steady. The side of the car body and the Emgrand waistline are straight and regular, extending from the headlights to the taillights, making the side look simple and capable; The rear of the car uses a penetrating taillight, which is both dynamic and fashionable.

22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT elite sideways

As for the interior, the interior layout, color matching and even materials of the fourth generation Emgrand have absorbed the design concept of Xingrui vehicles. Such large areas as instrument panel, door panel and armrest are all covered with soft materials, except the door armrest. The unique skyline runs through the central control of science and technology, horizontally extending the integrated instrument panel, suspended air conditioning buttons, plus a 10.25-inch central control panel and a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, and the whole interior is simple and technological.

22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT Elite Interior

In terms of configuration, I can only say that the performance of this car is average, but there are still some common configurations, such as two airbags, rear parking radar and reversing image, cruise control and driving mode switching, internal configuration including multi-function steering wheel, satellite navigation, road condition display, car Bluetooth, voice recognition, car networking, OTA, wireless hotspot and other mainstream configurations, as well as keyless entry/start and induction wiper.

Close-up of 22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT elite central control panels

In space, the car's body size is 4638*1820*1460, and the wheelbase is 2650. The front and rear seats are generally comfortable to ride, and the space performance is good. As a family car, it is still competent. In terms of power, this car uses a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and matches the CVT gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 114 horsepower and a maximum torque of 147 Nm. Emgrand's power output is still dominated by smooth household use, and its power is explosive. As far as the actual driving experience is concerned, the overall performance is light, and urban households can be competent.

22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT elite rear space

Finally, Da Li sums up:

Regarding the 22 Emgrand 1.5 CVT elite models, let me talk about the advantages first. 1. The appearance is very atmospheric, which is not inferior to the competitors of joint venture brands; 2. The interior atmosphere is also good. The full LCD instrument panel and large-size central control screen ensure the technological atmosphere of the interior; 3. As a family car, the most important thing is to maintain the cost, quality stability and space. This car basically performs well and can be called a good helper at home. 4. Good fuel consumption performance; 6. With the rear radar and reversing image, this is really commendable for a car with more than 70,000; The shortcomings are mainly as follows: 1. The active and passive safety configuration is general, so it is recommended to choose a higher model; 2. Far and near light are halogen light sources; 3. The interior of the new car has a slight odor; 4. The tire noise is slightly louder than the wind noise. In short, as a model at this price, the performance of this model is still good. If the budget is enough, it will be better to buy a model with a higher configuration.

22 Geely Emgrand 1.5L CVT elite trunk spaces

What do you think of this Emgrand? Thank you for your patience. Friends who like it can pay attention and praise. Your support is my greatest motivation. Let's continue to talk about cars later.

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