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Perfect data of sagitar modified wheels (21 sagitar modified wheels)

I met you for the first time on August 30, 2020, and since then I have embarked on a journey of modification.

Model: 15-year Sagitar 1.4 Comfort Edition Modification List

North American headlights in light age

GLI front bumper+China net

DWD twisted teeth

Ray G025 wheel hub

S3 original factory Italy wheel hub+Volkswagen center cover

Golf 7.5GTI original wheel hub

Nangang herringbone tire 225 40 18

AD08R 225 40 18

Han Tai S1 evo2 225 40 18

Rlin multifunction steering wheel

Audi s3 block ball

Lufei multifunction instrument

The first three frequency divisions of the whole car audio+the last two frequency divisions +DSP+ four-channel power amplifier+subwoofer+sound insulation of the whole car+diaphragm reversal.

187B host

510 host

Remote start keyless entry

Whole vehicle seat heating

GLI rear bumper tail lip

Customized manual mid-tail exhaust+Scorpio tail throat

Imitation carbon tail

Houbang Mexican original black stripe

Extended color change of sole atmosphere lamp

Foot organ brake pedal

Imitation of original factory GLi tail wing

Replace MQB white backlight in the whole vehicle

What are the odds and ends of some small modifications? Let's not talk about the total cost of these modified parts. Just understand, naturally understand.

Taking pictures with you for the first time

make superficial changes

Ugliness to the extreme is tide.

Do you feel the North American wind?

My most handsome photo

Pictures of an outing.

7.5 the appearance of gti wheel hub

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